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Womb Bliss

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I was born awake through a strong calling of our Human Collective, coming in with the abilities necessary to open the gates of a new Earth to be born through my Heart’s passion. My abilities are a mix of what we originally named ‘the Great Mother’, a union of the ‘Light Goddess of White Magic’ and the ‘Dark Goddess of Red Magic’, who are representing the mother and the initiator, the medicine woman and the lover, the queen and the wild woman 🌙 All these different aspects of the Feminine live within all Human Beings and are the Sources of the female Soul. She is the blissful base of all that is, of the worlds both seen and hidden ~ the known and unknown multiverse. She is a loyal Heart, fluent in the languages of dreams, dance, passion and poetry 🌙 I’m now calling all Goddesses to journey Together, to experience the Womb Bliss we are naturally born for! When women unplug their sexual energy from the false womb grids, we awaken to our true power, directly connected to the primal Source of Creation, instantly manifesting the new worlds now wishing to come forth through us. Let’s reconnect Life back to the True Love Living within all of us! 🌙 Our physical bodies are created to experience and embody Bliss, our true nature, and to express our innermost secrets. No excuses. No apologies. We don’t need permission from anyone to be our true selves. In our Masterclass we'll dive deeper into the gifts and shadow aspects of both the Light and Dark Goddesses, and Initiate these forces within us by first cutting from the false womb grids through a 'Womb Ceremony' and 'Declaration of Womb Sovereignty', guiding ourselves back into a more liberated place of Womb Awakening and Rebirth 🌙 Join our WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT MASTERCLASS 🌙 You can still get the replay of all 3 Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses here: 🌙 Once purchased, the replays are available without time limit 🌙 Welcome As You Are 🌙☀️🌙


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