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Our Inner Abundance will manifest soon

The landscapes of our inner light are becoming so powerful and high frequency, yet simultaneously so soft and vulnerable, that to take form into the dense realities around us seems impossible sometimes, simply because we’re purifying almost all of these densities within. Taking this heaviness inside, turning it into light, is a slow process for most of us ☀️

I’ve courageously shared my heart so many times to a world who wasn’t open or ready for me, that it feels like it will kill me if I’m smashed down one more time. My inability to handle the abusive harshness of a world who doesn’t truly love me has costed me so much life force, that I’ve decided to only work with those who deeply resonate with my calling ❤️

Most of our world is not ready to receive our true frequency yet, and knowing it’s no use to spark up new awareness in the middle of a thunderstorm, we patiently nourish our inner world until our natural state of being breaks through the inner and outer realities in true unification, harmonizing the right invitations to co~create the new earths of living light together ☀️

When the densities of the light~dark paradigm feel overpowering, draining and exhausting to our new light, we can choose to ease into the flow of self~love and self~care, trusting that our inner abundance will manifest soon. By utilizing our energies wisely, we restore our heart and strengthen our whole being until the right alignments happen naturally. Our diamond light will shine brightest in the places where we’re meant to be received and appreciated in easy ways, flowing with our own truth and inspiration without having to fix, change, accomplish or explain anything ❤️

Who do you become, when you remember who you truly are? When you don’t judge your physical body, feelings, emotions and thoughts for their needs, but rather listen to its infinite wisdom, aligning with the virtues of self~love, self~respect and deep compassion?

For those who feel called, we’ll journey together into these themes in our upcoming event in Bethlehem (Palestine) on the 24th of February’23 with a beautiful group of Goddesses from all walks of life ❤️



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