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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart

What is ascension?

We're at the end of a planetary cycle, where all of us are given the opportunity to complete our learning cycle here on Earth. We can choose to move to the next level by going through an ascension process, allowing us to access new areas of being and higher levels of consciousness. We are currently completing a 6.000 year cycle, a 12.000 year cycle and a 36.000 year cycle, and each time 2 or more cycles come together, that period is extremely important in earth's history.


We're in that period right now 💠

Unlike previous times in linear history, our time now has an extremely high vibrational energy, meaning that anyone who has the wish, is able to start their ascension process right here & now. Because of the high vibrational transition our planet and star system are now going through, there is no more need for masters, initiations or entering in a community or religious order. It's great to receive the support of our teachers and communities, I'm part of several communities myself and very happy about it. The point I'm trying to make here is that ascension is accessible to all of us right here & now. By becoming aware of the now moment. By detoxifying our body. By quieting our mind 💠

It's our hearts who open the doors of ascension. If someone's heart is closed, if they're unable to love themselves, unable to love life, then ascension will not be possible for that individual 💠


There are many levels of ascension. At the first level, which we call spiritual ascension, the person continues to live in a physical body. When the task of this person on earth is completed, they can choose to go forward into physical ascension, where the physical body dissolves into light. From then on this person lives as an ascended being within their body of light 💠

In the history of humanity, there has never been so many ascension workers and spiritual leaders as there are today to raise the level of vibration of the planet & people 💠


'Ascension' essentially is about being aware. Raising our vibrational signature. An expansion of awareness. It means living our life through the compassion, forgiveness and wisdom of our Heart. It's about a merge in consciousness, becoming a collective of 'beingness', a return to our divine presence & essence within 💠

Several ascension teachers defining ascension:


Inelia Benz

"Ascension is the expansion of awareness. This expansion of awareness comes naturally when we process fear, as well as debilitating programs and firewalls, and other low vibrations, from our lives. Why is it called Ascension? Because our overall vibration becomes higher, and we are able to tap into and work within higher "dimensions".


Do we take our bodies with us?  Our physical body is a key element of functioning within a solid 3D environment.  When we start moving into a higher vibration in our lives, our bodies also follow suit. This is why, often, foods and chemicals that we were able to absorb our entire lives, will make us sick for a while (the time it takes for the physical body to adapt to the new vibrational environment). By detoxing our bodies and keeping them sugar and other toxin free, we help it, help us, in our expansion of awareness."


Skyrocket your ascension process through Inelia Benz's website with many free articles, tools & her highly recommended Ascension Course.

Dr. Joshua David Stone

"The Meaning of Ascension: Ascension really means that you are carrying a certain amount of Light in your four-body system. I have come to understand that many people who ascend and many who have taken all seven levels of initiation are still very unclear. Ascension does not mean perfection on all levels.

I know some seventh degree initiates who are still very much run by their negative egos, others who are still victims of their emotional bodies, still others who have prosperity issues or issues concerning lack of self-worth and self-love, and others who are dealing with health lessons.


They are all wonderful, sincere, God-seeking people whom I am proud to call my friends and colleagues. However, everyone has blind spots and there is not one on this planet who does not have to watch out for the glamour, illusion, and maya of the negative ego.


You will be exactly the same as you are now when you complete your initiations except that you will be able to hold more Light. You might have developed the first-ray qualities but not the second-ray qualities, or you might have developed the third-ray traits but not the others.


I realize that this might be a shock to you, but I tell you for an absolute fact, it is true. The positive side is that God has not made the requirements so difficult that they are impossible to achieve. What I have come to understand is that ascending is much easier than I had thought it was.


This information is important because there are many teachers walking around who have ascended but still present teachings that are unclear or unintegrated in some respects. Just because you have completed all initiations or have raised your Light quotient to 99 percent, it does not mean that you are beyond your ego or are psychologically clear and completely integrated in your understanding.


So do not give your power to anyone and always be discerning. Trust God within yourself, no matter where a person claims to be in terms of his level of initiation. This is not to say that what a person has to offer is not of value, for indeed it may be. You just have to be discerning as to when the ego is getting in the way, and where the teachings might be illusionary.


Even Sanat Kumara and Vywamus have said that they still have small remnants of negative ego they are working on clearing. If they are still clearing, do you think anyone on this plane is free? You must become a master not only on the spiritual level, but also on the psychological level and on the physical level. You must also become a master of all the rays, even if your monad and soul are on a specific ray.


Sanat Kumara has told me that this is one of the dangers of these times. He said that people are advancing spiritually with incredible speed, but their mental, emotional, and physical bodies are not evolving as quickly. This problem is rampant around the planet, so it is important to be aware of it in yourself and to avoid being gullible in terms of the spiritual teachers you work with.


I have come to understand clearly now that ascension has more to do with spiritual development than it has to do with mental, emotional, and physical development. That is why, if you want to ascend, you should focus on the building of your Light quotient. If you truly want to realize God, then also master your mental, emotional, and physical vehicles in service of spirit and, above all else, transcend negative ego consciousness!


One last confusion has to do with the Light quotient and what it really means. The initiations are basically an index of the amount of Light you are carrying. Even when you achieve the 99 percent Light quotient, you are still operating at a planetary and solar level. You have not even entered into galactic realization, let alone universal realization.


The ability to achieve these very high levels of Light quotient so quickly is a new dispensation. In the past, it was done much more slowly which allowed time for the mental, emotional, and physical bodies to catch up and which allowed for the development of some of the more advanced ascension abilities."


'Beyond Ascension: How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation', by Dr. Joshua David Stone, Light Technology Publishing.

"Ascension, in essence, is the uniting of the soul extension, or personality, with spirit. It is the merging of the incarnated personality with the I Am Presence, or the monad. A person does not have to be in perfect health to ascend. Many people with serious illnesses have ascended.


Secondly, there is something called a delayed ascension. A delayed ascension is when a person leaves the physical body, but in the first two hours after death the Ascended Masters work super-extensively with the adept to help him or her achieve ascension. This occurs when an adept was close to ascension but died before it occurred."


'The complete Ascension Manuel', by Dr. Joshua David Stone


"Likewise, as you integrate fragmented pieces of your own consciousness, those aspects of your beingness are able to take on your heightened perspective. In the simultaneous momentum that drives all aspects of self, expressed in all dimensions in which you have a presence, all are able to embody the expanded perspective of higher consciousness. And all, in unison, become part of the momentum that is known as “ascension.” 💠

You are well within the process of ascension now. For, ascension is not an “event” but rather, a momentum. It is not something that “happens” to an individual at a given moment, and thereafter one’s reality is instantaneously different. Ascension is a gradual shift. It is a shift in awareness, a shift in perspective, a shift in vibration, a shift in attunement, and a shift in conscious alignment with who one truly is, so that there is agreement and full participation in the process 💠

Ascension is a universal motion, a yearning, a striving, a releasing, a surrendering — a joyous culmination of your journey here in physical form. It is not something that is done to you. It is a process that is initiated by you, orchestrated by you, and experienced fully as an evolutionary journey by you. In order to make the shift, preparation has been made by you, over the course of much time, to bring you to the place that you are able to be a fully conscious participant in the culmination of the journey."


'Oneness', by Rasha:


"This workshop with all the meditation it offers brought me a life transforming experience that I will always cherish. I am definitely continuing with the teachings I've learned for my own spiritual development and the development of all humanity. Hira Hosen, my beloved sister and teacher, is a beautiful soul who has put all her heart out into giving all she is suppose to give and much much more for this workshop. I personally was affected very positively with her presence and appreciate until this day everything she is and everything she has offered. Forever connected. Much love and gratitude to her."

Corinne Saad, ATIH workshop, Egypt, 2016

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