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    Light Language Transmission Hira Hosen Pyramid of Giza.jpg


    The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is a powerful energetic collective ascension seat. When you align yourself with its light~coded presence, it facilitates massive changes, not only on an individual level but also on the level of our human collective ✨

    In February 2021, HiRa and 5 other Goddesses, representing all walks of life, went into the King’s Chamber to become One with its complex energetic structure, moving within it like a key to a lock, opening its powers layer after layer, guiding the journey from within their Hearts Sacred Spaces ✨

    During this process HiRa received a channelled light language message from a few of the most prominent Egyptian Female Goddesses, like Isis, Hathor, Seshat and Sekhmet, while being inside the King’s Chamber and she recorded a small part of it ✨

    After sending the recording to DJ True Identity (Leo Melcherts Jr), he went into a deep meditative state to add a musical arrangement to the light coded vocals. He sampled a tiny part of the vocals vibrating with the particular sound of the inside of the pyramid and synthesized it into an Organ sound created from the sampling ✨

    After finalizing the lightcode transmission with Organ sounds, both Leo and HiRa were amazed to find out that both their grandfathers were renowned Organ players invited to play at famous cathedrals and churches throughout Europe. This once again reaffirmed their continuous synchronicity co~creating a New Earth Now together ✨

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