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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart

What is Oneness?

In Oneness there is no separation. 


Many high vibrational teachings, like the Order of Melchizedek and many others, tell us that creation began in Oneness, began in Light. And even though as a planet we journey through darkness & chaos, we will return again to the Light. Oneness is sustained by forces pulling in opposite directions, and yet at the same time, these energies merge in effect, forming a synthesis of joint action & united power 💠


The way of Oneness & ascension is the way of the Heart. Forgiveness. Balance. Quieting the mind 💠


A sensitive heart contains a deep knowing, a remembering, which will lead our minds & egos, often stuck in drama, back to the one source we all came from. To enter Oneness can be challenging because we have to let go of everything, the past, the future, our small self.


In Oneness there is no seperate self, only the joy and wonder of unlimited being. Open awareness 💠


"It is for you, who consider yourselves to be the forerunners of the shift in consciousness that marks these times, to be keenly aware of the ramifications of consciously accelerating your vibrational frequency. Monitor your responses such that you maintain a state of balance and heart-centeredness. For it is here, in the heart-centered core of your being, that the timeless connections with the multidimensional aspects of self will be made manifest. And it is here that you will encounter the gateway to reunification with the Oneness that you are."


'Oneness', by Rasha:


I'd like to introduce you to Inelia Benz, who's here on our planet to raise its vibration. Her website contains an extensive library of free articles and tools, and I'll take bits & snips from it here below, to create a general idea of what is Oneness. Feel free to check out Inelia's website with many empowering tools & her highly recommended Ascension Course.


Inelia's take on Oneness:

"Oneness is a state of non division. Perception of reality as one consciousness, one Being. That place where Divine is All that there is. Experiencing life in this state of oneness is one of bliss, ecstasy and wholeness." 💠

"There are no hierarchies in Oneness, that would be a contradiction in terms. And, the truth is that each one of us is already in Oneness. We just can't perceive it, or have a life from that viewpoint automatically when we enter Earth." 💠

"Oneness is the state of experiencing life as one Universal being, one entity, something that has been described as Nirvana, Ecstasy, Life Force, and many other names." 💠


"Enlightenment is being "in-the-light", and Oneness is "being-the-light". 💠

"The Ascension Worker will often be identified by the client as "the same as me".  This is because, having lost all attachment and judgment, divine light, Oneness, can come through the Ascension Worker, making them a mirror of the client.  The client is actually seeing themselves.  The universal love, warmth, energy and completeness that the client feels, is their true vibrational signature. It is Oneness." 💠

"When we stay in a state of Oneness, or visit it on a daily basis, miracles happen. Things start going right for no apparent reason. Our wishes come true and life stabilises. We really do not need to do much more than follow our inspiration and joy, and life works itself out for us." 💠

"Ascension is the expansion of awareness to the state of Oneness. Oneness encompasses all, everything, light, dark, male, female, night, day, all the polarities we have here on Earth are integrated, included in Oneness, and it doesn't really matter what path the person has taken to get there, we are all included."


Skyrocket your ascension process through Inelia's highly recommended Ascension Course.

ATIH Hira.jpg

"So wonderful to experience the nectar of your heart expressing forth for all as One. In the timeless space where we met i experienced the pure pulse point of creation coming into unified form through our bodies, hearts and souls. A serene stillness that was filled with cosmic potential in every breath, in every moment as One.** Goddess of the heart, pillar of crystalline light, I Am eternally grateful for your steps of love remembrance that you bestow upon Gaia, Humanity and All. I love you forever, to the stars and into all that is *whole, perfect and pure*"

Chloe Mercer, ATIH workshop, Glastonbury, UK, 2014

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