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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
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To change ourselves, and the world around us, Sexual Kung Fu is a powerful and efficient way. These thousands of years old teachings spring forth from the Internal Alchemy Techniques of the Nei Dan Kung (Dragon Portal) lineage from the Kunlun mountains and when we integrate them fully into our daily modern lives, something very interesting happens: we birth new ways of being and new pathways into spiritual awakening ✨


Our DRAGON PORTAL TEACHINGS© offer the ancient Sexual Kung Fu techniques, yet applied through new and more accessible ways of understanding: more female oriented, creating light realities only without any light~dark dynamics. We'll explore our sexual life~force's infinite potential by liberating its true power; training our sexual energy through self~initiation. Learning to use it with full awareness naturally grows vitality, health, happiness and wisdom ✨


Our modern cultures hold the misbeliefs that our sexual pleasure is the responsibility of our partners, but each one of us is radically responsible for our own realities, explorations and experiences, including our sensuality and sexuality. In our DRAGON PORTAL TEACHINGS©, the different aspects of self~cultivation will be explained and then practiced, strictly alone, in the safe and private surroundings of your own space, at your own pace ✨


The real~time practices we do together, outside of the self~paced practices alone, are offered in a broad variety like different chi kung movements ('belly laughing chi kung', the 'golden egg', etc), as well as other practices like the 5 organs healing sounds, self~induced trance states, 'soft eyes', yi~force practices and different meditations such as 'resting in the inner landscape', 'the 7 light~bodies', 'reversing past and future', exploring voluntary boundaries in non~dual awareness, 'valley orgasm' techniques and most importantly: breathing into 'the microcosmic orbit' channels in the body ✨


Our online DRAGON PORTAL TEACHINGS© are for women only; for souls living in a female physical body. Here below is more info to be able to know if these teachings resonate for you, if you feel like joining us, or not. At the end of the page there will be more context and a deepening of the contents ✨



For the different dates, times and direct bookings, visit all Hira's events here ✨


The yi~force practices and soft eye practices can be done continuously during your daily life activities, and other practices can be done privately about 3 times a week for half an hour, or less. Plus there’s the offering of chi~kung practices and meditations for those who are motivated to do more, follow your own rhythm ✨



Feel free to contact us (EN/FR/NL) for all questions and reservations, we're happy to respond ✨



There's a maximum of 20 seats available for this course, and a minimum of 6. You can secure your seat by making a downpayment of €222 here, or pay your full fees of €444 here. Once your payment is received, Hira will contact you to connect together about your participation. In case there's not a good match, you'll get a full refund ofcourse! We just have to be sure this works well for you, as well as for the group energies ✨



You’re more than welcome to join as you are, as long as you’re not pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding without having your moon cycle started again. If you have a medical, emotional or physical condition, Hira expects you to let her know before signing up, to see together if you’re able to participate. If you’re having high blood pressure, heart disease, or generally a weak condition, please proceed slowly with these practices. In all cases, trust your own inner guidance. You have full responsibility in listening carefully to your own body, which in this course will be greatly advanced, as you’re going to be learning to work with your inner subtle energy bodies and chi ✨


The reason why we can’t do the Sexual Kung Fu practices when we're pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding without having our moon cycle started, is because then all our sexual energy should and will go to the baby. In all other cases we can transform the potential of our sexual energy and sexual power, liberate it, and learn to use it with full awareness to grow wisdom, vitality, spiritual awakening and a long happy life, without loss of life force energy on the long term ✨



Within the context of co~creating new light realties, these DRAGON PORTAL TEACHINGS© offer the ancient and unchanged Sexual Kung Fu techniques applied throughout the ages, but we'll use them through new ways which are more accessible and understandable, more female oriented. To be clear, the core training of the Sexual Kung Fu techniques themselves will be explored by each person alone, by themselves in the privacy and absolute safety of their own space, at their own pace. When we learn to use our sexual life~force with full awareness, streaming it effortlessly in the microcosmic orbit while removing lifelong obstacles in the physical body, channels and chakra's, we naturally receive and grow more vitality, health, feeling~awareness and wisdom, enabling us to live longer, in more healthy and happy ways ✨



During 4 weekly teaching sessions and 4 following practice sessions (each session lasts 2 hours in total), the microcosmic orbit breathing will be explained, as well as many different practices and more detailed information about our physical anatomy. Our aim is to become a more safe person, for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us. Eventually, over time, these teachings have the power to unlock our multi~orgasmic potentials held in the physical body ✨



Even though most women have the ability to be multi~orgasmic, one out of four women never had an orgasm, and two out of three can’t orgasm when they want to. This is the majority of our population. Orgasm is not the main goal of our sexual explorations in these teachings, but definitely something we encourage to explore on our own ✨



To become 'a safe person' in fact means that we're able to fully guide our sexual energy, instead of being controlled by it, or using it to manipulate others. When we learn how to use our sexual energy for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones, and the greater whole, expanded awareness will naturally arise, as we learn to direct our energies from a pure heart, in full empowered connection to the base of the body, without loss of life~force on the long term ✨



Being 'a safe person' and 'feeling safe' are two very different things. Feeling safe enough to be able to slow down, for example, seems easier than we might believe at first. Have you ever observed yourself when you try to go into a mode of resting? The resistance we meet inside, before we’re able to do nothing? Before we’re able to connect and truly feel the sensations in our body? Even when we think we’re safe in our mind, we might not even know what it actually feels like to BE safe, what it actually feels like to truly FEEL safe in the body ✨



In our classes and practices, we work down to earth: practical. We learn that by slowing down, we go faster. That less is more. We'll explore how and where stress is lodged in our body, in our kidneys, adrenals and nervous system. Most people in industrialised societies suffer from chronic stress, without even knowing it. The perception of stress is a killer. When we look at our society, where we’re constantly overstimulated with information and stress, where we live with this sense of needing to be constantly productive, busy and useful, not knowing our own worth through simple being, resting and doing nothing, we can see that most of us have deregulated nervous systems. Our coping mechanisms of survival are stuck in reactions of fight, flight, freeze or fawn responses, without being able to actually come to a full stop, pause and be with our inner sensations, wether they’re painful or pleasurable ✨



Our physical bodies very often behave like we’re constantly being chased by packs of wolfs and prehistoric tigers, even when we're not in acute danger, but we can learn how to flow these energies differently. We can move out of survival mode. In our Sexual Kung Fu classes, different tools will be offered to learn to relax deeper and to create a sense of security, no matter what the circumstances are. We can learn to remain gentle and relaxed, even when we're in the middle of a situation where normally we might feel stress, tension, worry or pressure. Our perceptions of reality can change drastically, when our feelings start to be carried more by an undercurrent of safety, and no longer by stress, fear or a vague feeling that something is wrong. What do we need and desire, to be able to slow down and fully be present within our body and its sensations? ✨


There are useful and harmful types of stress, where the useful stress activates us when needed, but doesn’t interfere when we rest or recover. The harmful types of stress keep the body in overdrive and prevent recovery during the day and night. When the body resources are depleted, even positive stress from enjoyable activities, such as simple excitement or an improvement of skills, can deplete our limited resources, because we’re tired or worn out. By removing the main sources of stress from our lives through these Sexual Kung Fu practices, we can now pause, breath, and rebuild strength ✨



One of the potential results of Sexual Kung Fu training, is that our basic sense of well being can become increasingly stronger. Our desire for kicks and addictions can decrease, because there's less reason for it. In this way we develop more capacity for freedom of action, and freedom in the choices we make.



Basically, a Taoist is not impressed, neither much interested, by everything we call ‘reality’ or the manifested world, because it’s already done. It’s there for a moment, and then it changes. What’s much more interesting to a Taoist is what’s possible in our inner landscapes: the world in between the outer landscape (the manifested world, or everything we can touch, see, sense, hear, smell and taste), and the landscape of infinite potential. Through training we can energize and heighten our abilities to activate, open, build and utilize different areas of our energy, or life force, in our inner landscape. By learning how to move in our inner landscapes, we are more able to change and manifest preferred realities in safe, impactful and constructive ways, rooted in wisdom and ease ✨

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"It was an eye-opening experience. I learned life lessons on how to generate my own power, calm my mind and body and set my own boundaries to feel safe within my surroundings. I see myself with a new perspective and am excited to continue this journey!"

Lina Chalita, DRAGON PORTAL TEACHINGS, 12.2023

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