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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
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The secret practice of the Magdalenes is an Egyptian tantric practice to strengthen the Ka light~body through states of ecstasy and bliss. This stream of consciousness is archetypically female~based, which makes it different than other mystical traditions, which over time have become mostly patriarchic systems ✨

According to the Magdalenes, the female holds the secrets of creation ✨ 


She must feel safe in the relationship with her partner to be able to truly let go, and for the alchemy of transformation to occur, allowing the feminine mysteries to express themselves through her being ✨

The central place of the female makes this Egyptian method unusual, considering the other 3 major alchemical systems like the Indian tantric yoga, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhist tantra, which are mainly male~based. Although the feminine principle in these 3 streams is deeply honoured, in practice women are often relegated to lesser places of importance and power ✨

The Magdalenes hold the relationship between sexual partners in high regard. In order to activate the inner alchemies within both initiates, the emotional relationship between the male and female is viewed as its sacred foundation. As the female holds the alchemical keys, unlocking the electro~magnetic fields for transformation, these keys cannot be forced but only accessed when there’s safety, appreciation and love in the relationship ✨

Part of the method Mary Magdalen and Yeshua (Jesus) used in their practice is very different yet similar to certain nectar gathering practices in Tibetan Medicin like the Tummo (Tuomo) practice, from which HiRa is a practitioner, and should only be undertaken under the guidance of a qualified teacher ✨

The following image is from the 'The Magdalen Manuscript' by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion:



Tantrika Mary Magdalene invites us to remember and rise to our sovereign power, wisdom and Self Love. The path of the High Priestess is a path of service and devotion to the Goddess in all her many forms ✨

The Modern Magdalenes walk the healing path of returning Home to our sacred soul, spirit and body by mastering fresh and radical forgiveness. Mary Magdalene guides us as we transition into the powerful energies of the New Earth, plunging into the depths of the core of our being ✨

The High Path of the Mystic Rose works with the Fires of Illumination, burning away all which is impure and not in highest will & embodiment of the Divine Inner Heart ✨

Mary Magdalene, High Initiate of the Isis, Hathor and Mystic Rose Line guides one of the most challenging paths of the soul, as she/he seeks the unfolding of a very deep connection with the Divine  ✨

When Mary Magdalene continued teaching after the resurrection of her beloved Yeshua, she and many other members of the Essene community established themselves first in the land of Gaul (France) and later, together with other members of the community, she moved to Avalon in the UK (modern Glastonbury). She named her ministry 'The Way of Love'.

Wish to experience it all yourself?

Hira has created a workshop called "Black Diamond Tantra," with a part of this workshop based on the Egyptian Tantra of the Magdalenes, find more here.

Tantrika Mary Magdalene invites us to re


"It is a depth of seeking which goes beyond words, and it is a path which seeks absolute purity in both embodiment and form, as well as soul and then, also that of spirit. It seeks perfection, reflection of Divine perfection, and therefore is one of the highest pathways to experiencing Divine within itself, within the soul and its sojourns all over the cosmos in parallel lives, in cosmic existences and therefore then, in multiple forms and expressions.


It is the most challenging path of the true Mystic, the one who seeks the unfolding of a very deep connection with the Divine, but also the knowledge of all which is there to know under the immensity of the vast knowledge banks of the 12 to 24 Central Suns, and then in depth walk the path of the Central Sun in which they originally were created as SOUL.


The High Path of the Mystic Rose, is one which few are able to walk because it works with the Fires of Illumination and 7th Central Sun. Therefore, these self-same fires will burn away all the dross, all which is impure and not in highest will and embodiment of the Divine. It seeks ever the inner heart and soul of the Divine, in its Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine expression and therefore it seeks the embodiment of Divine in all that is.


The soul is called to allow itself to be cleaved open to the very core, which often is a path of intense pain, as most often such a soul is extremely sensitive, and will feel intensely, for it will feel itself in expression of all of life. It cannot do and be other, for the Rose itself feels into every single petal of the soul, and it expresses the soul through every single living cell and DNA strand, when in embodiment."


Judith Kusel



The teachings of Yeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene was simply called 'The Way' and was meant to continue in 2 directions. The outer teachings would be spread by most of the male disciples, led by Peter, who was to be 'the rock', the foundation of this new movement. The inner teachings, 'the inner Mysteries of the Way', would be taught by John, James, Thomas and Philip, this group being led by Mary Magdalene.

This was a common practice among the ancient Isis Mystery Schools of Egypt, from which both Mary Magdalene and Mary Anna (mother of Jeshua) were high Initiates and reincarnates since the days of Akhenaten in Egypt (about 1.300 years BC). This pattern of teaching was supposed to support each other, as the outer group would be open, in public, while deflecting attention away from the inner group. The inner teachings would need a more quiet environment in order to develop the subtle work along the esoteric and Gnostic lines. 

Unfortunately, after the resurrection Peter did not accept Mary as an equal leader in spreading the teachings, and by taking this position he began the rift between the mainstream teachings of the Way. The Way, over longer periods of time manifested in the outer teachings of the Catholic & Orthodox churches, and its Gnostic counterparts as the inner teachings. This led to the final persecution and elimination of all Gnostics as heretics. Paradoxically, these persecutions were carried out by the very part of the movement, which had been originally designed to nourish and protect the inner teachings.

As Islam has the Sufi movement, the Judaism has the mystical Kabala, so Christianity should have had its own mystical and Gnostic core.  The loss of this core has left the Way with a permanent wound from which spiritually, it has never recovered.


So how can we use this knowledge now?


This knowledge can enable us to put the past into the right perspective and in this way, release the energies of that time to enable us to move forward. Working with this knowledge during our workshops & Sacred Site tours will open up a way to clear and purify this deep rooted pain, bringing balance to the father - mother, sacred masculine - feminine principle, within ourselves and for the entire human collective.


Let's move our present collective consciousness forward into the Light!



You are the present day Magdalene.


We all are.


Living the legacy of the Magdalenes.

Our daily life NOW


is the modern mystery school.


No need to go anywhere.

I am the path.

You are the path.

We are the path.



the ONE Heart

Catherine Ann Clemett writes: 


"What characterizes a present-day Magdalene?"


"It is not someone who is necessarily Christian or believes in a certain way or follows the Bible or religious protocol or set of rules. It is someone who has compassion and empathy for all life and all people. It is someone who more and more is learning to live from their heart, not their head.


It is someone who honours all life and all paths and see the interconnectedness of everything. It is someone who has evolved enough in their journey to do their own inner work to clear their own faulty beliefs and look within to see what trauma is there and what needs to be healed rather than lashing out and blaming everyone around them. It is also someone that is beginning to look inside to discover that the answers lie within them and the journey to experiencing and realizing divinity starts within. 


Know that as present-day Magdalenes, you are here now because you have a piece to share or peace to share- something uniquely needed by the whole because of you and through you. You as a present-day Magdalene have been an initiate in the temples for many lifetimes to prepare you for your journey today. The Light is 'seeded' within you for that is what Magdalenes do, they seed the light. 


You are not here on this blog by accident, nor are you even here in this lifetime by accident. It is all by Divine Design, designed by you and Mother/Father God. To unfold your path and awareness as a Magdalene, it is to first be willing to be more attuned to your intuition and inner guidance and learn to follow that for that is your inner guidance system.


It is also to take some time each day to be grateful for all that you have and to go within and start developing a greater relationship with your own I AM presence and your own councils of light giving you guidance from within.


It is also to not get hung up on labels, even the word Magdalene for ultimately all is ONE. Bless yourself for your willingness to receive and to open to great realms and to being of greater service and all will continue to unfold."



You Are the New Earth ✨

You Are Co-Creating the New Earth, Every Breath ✨

In times of a great shifts of awakening, like the one we’re experiencing on our planet today, we journey to Sacred Sites of heightened spiritual energies as contact with these energy-lines (below and above the earth) work like a spiritual catalyst to our awakenings ✨


Sacred Sites are imbedded and encoded with the resonance and energetic signatures of the already existing high frequencies of the Earth, and it is here where these frequencies can be most easily & directly accessed, remembered and received ✨

It's true that we don’t have to be in a specific location to connect with the energy of a place. What our Sacred Site tours & workshops bring forth is a sacred Journey, a healing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within. When you show up at a specific location you're connected to in the past, you open a portal to that past and these openings can allow major inner shifts to occur ✨


When you decide to be in a specific Sacred Site location, it opens up ways for miracles to happen in ease, grace and fun. This opening of portals allows for personal and collective repairs, reprogramming and repositioning of the circumstances that caused certain rifts in the fabric of the reality in the past. Those choosing to be present in this way co-create significant shifts in the human collective ✨


During different spiritual journeys, tours & workshops, Hira is physically visiting sacred sites around the world in Egypt, Israel, France, UK, Ibiza and more. Do you feel the call to join? 


Check out Hira's events here

Hira loves to guide journeys & workshops also in countries like India, Greece, Wales, Australia, Turkey, South America, Africa and other power-places, so if you're reading this and if you feel that organising a workshop or journey resonates with you, feel free to contact Hira directly ✨

Hira Hosen Black Diamond


If you'd like to go deeper into all this information, we highly recommend reading 'Anna, grandmother of Jesus' and 'Anna, voice of the Magdalenes' by Claire Heartsong & Catherine Ann Clemett.


The 3 books written by Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis, especially the 'Power of the Magdalene: the hidden story of the women disciples' are beautiful too. 


As always, keep at heart your own resonance wile reading. There's always more to the story, right?


And if you're still eager for more ;-) 


HiRa also recommends 'The Magdalen Manuscript' by Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion.

We arrived home after our Magdalene Jour

"I want to thank you Hira & Chloe for the amazing workshop Avalon Priestess - Sacred Women's Pilgrimage in Glastonbury that has been really amazing, the best I have experienced. The Abbey House was the perfect location where it was possible to enjoy amazing inspiring views: being surrounded by Nature was a great support for the energetic work.


Both Hira and Chloe are beautiful souls who are able to share their knowledge and experience totally from the Heart. They have so different personalities but they are able to melt together so perfectly. They had the ability, together with all the beautiful Priestesses who joined in, to create a sacred feminine space where we all have felt protected, acknowledged and loved.


We had the chance to open up for a deep healing within ourselves and to reach out to a very high level of awareness. There's a strong bond that created itself spontaneously among us which will always be there beyond time and space. Difficult to transcribe this magic with words! I want to express my deep gratitude and blessings for their work, highly recommended. Looking forward to the next experience! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart"

Silvia Mariti, Avalon Priestess Pilgrimage, Glastonbury 2018

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