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Upcoming Workshops, Ride Your Lotus® classes
& Private Ascension Session Bookings

Hira Hosen Ride your Lotus

Ride Your Lotus classes

Online via Zoom    Further info

Your ticket will be for the next Class 𑁍 

€22 x1 ~ €88 x5

Hira Hosen Black Diamond

Private Ascension Sessions

Online via Zoom   Further info

 TBD ~  Contact me here

€222 x1~ €555 x3

Sessions 2

If you feel you would like to book a private session, and the price is not currently manageable for you, please contact me to let me know your situation, so we may agree a price that honours your circumstances  ❤️


Awakening the Illuminated Heart®


Online via Zoom   Further info

Ardi Dahshur Egypt Hira Hosen.jpg

Awakening The Illuminated Heart®


Dahshur, Egypt       Further info

black diamond tantra.jpg

Black Diamond Tantra® Workshop

Dahshur, Egypt        Further info

Photo 13-06-16 01 35 48.jpg

Awakening The Illuminated Heart® & Black Diamond Tantra® Workshops combined

Dahshur, Egypt        Further info

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