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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
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🌸 All practical information

All our classes are announced on our ticketing website:


Have a look for a convenient date & time for you.


Even if you're in a different timezone and attend the class at a later time, Hira will send you a replay video link directly after class, which stays valuable without time limit. You joining in, and locking our Oneness field at another point in space/time using the replay, will be just as potent and will extend/increase the power of our work.

Hira Hosen Ride your Lotus


As a human collective, we’ve made the transition into a new Golden Age and a New Earth.


The earth has ascended!


Many people are already manifesting the higher dimensions for the larger part of their daily lives. Many more are following by fully stepping into their personal power & truth.


After millions of years of hardship and abuse on our planet, we are now clearing the third and lower dimensional levels within and around us. We're raising the vibration of the planet as a collective, and we're raising the vibration of the collective, person by person.


Whatever the outside world looks like, our human collective has now reached a time in history where we can start completely clear & clean. All 'heavens gates' are truly wide open. When a mixed group of souls work together from the Heart, honouring each other as divine beings, we're able to call forth, receive and manifest an enormous amount of light for the benefit of our Human collective and all sentient beings 💠

With all this spiritual electricity now becoming available on the Earth, we're invited as groups to come together to connect, channel, stream, be, celebrate, breath and spread this clear light. This is exactly what we will be doing in these ascension classes.

During our online RIDE YOUR LOTUS© ✨ classes we will connect with our inner Source and go in a deep meditative state. Every class is with different Ascension Activations. The results are direct and strong. Many participants have reported "a heat", "a buzzing", and a "healing energy" ✨pouring into their crown chakra's & bodies in the moment of class, the replay and in the days following the classes.

For those unable to attend in real time, there are replays available without time limit. Participants have reported the replay can be even stronger than the actual real time class.



Our focus during the Ascension Activations:

​During the ‘Ride your Lotus’ classes, our combined attention will be focused towards embodying, breathing & celebrating the new Earth, influencing our personal lives and magnifying our Light all around us on a more global scale 💠​

  • Self-Empowerment / Self-Love / Self-Actualisation

  • Acceleration of our spiritual ascension process by releasing resistance 

  • Recharging our vitality & energy levels

  • Processing fears, programs, firewalls & negative emotions

  • Raising our vibrational signature by being JoyLightLove

  • Strengthening our connection to our inner being

  • Activating our inner being as our true Source of healing

  • Unifying our inner male & female aspects through white tantra (without partner, light meditations)

  • Allowing abundance to flow into our experience by aligning our emotional bodies

  • Moving from a light/dark paradigm into unity consciousness

  • Raising the vibration of our physical bodies

  • Aligning with the Earth, the sky & the center of our galaxy with our Hearts

  • Going deeper in understanding our relationships

  • Soul-retrieval through the five elements

  • Fueling our daily life with focus, positive motivation & clarity of intent

  • CoCreating high vibrational future global timelines

  • Activating dormant crystalline light codes within our DNA and our surroundings

  • Whatever comes up from the group collective in the moment



The online Ascension Classes are interactive. Hira always starts with giving context and then guiding the group into the meditation in order to raise our vibration in daily life. There will be a possibility of questions and sharing at the end of the webinar, if you wish.

You can see our classes like a mini-workshop of an hour and a half within the comfort of your own space. We connect through easy to use Zoom Platform. You can choose to download the free Zoom app, or you can join without app, directly from a link which will be sent to you at the time of your booking. See more about zoom here:

After payment, there will be an automated email sent to you from with all the details of the zoom call. You can join in the classes at any given moment during the call. EveryOne is welcome. The webinar will last an hour and a half. Afterwards there will be a moment to share and ask questions. Feel free to stop any time.

Even if you're in a different timezone and attend the class at a later time, Hira will send you a replay video link directly after class, which stays valuable without time limit. The effect of the meditations and activations will be just as potent, and it will extend, as well as increase, the power of our work. 


There will be no cancellation nor refund possible, thank you very much for your understanding 🌺

All classes are announced on our online ticketing website: 


Via the RIDE YOUR LOTUS website, you can subscribe to Hira's page here in order to be notified each time there's a class. To subscribe is recommended, as all classes are given on the go. Sometimes they're scheduled way in advance, sometimes not. Sometimes they're during the weekends, sometimes during the week. It all depends on Hira's traveling schedule.

🌸 Book your class here

Hira Hosen Ride your Lotus
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"That was without a single doubt one of the greatest gifts that I've ever received in my life. Thank you so much Hira. I am feeling so light and so blessed. Sending you a loving smile through my tears of bliss. Bless you dear heart, so grateful. You're amazing. Speechless. Feeling peace like I've never known. Like I can rest for the first time in my lifetime."

Lovelight Shining, RIDE YOUR LOTUS© class (13), 2019

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