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HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
HiRa Hosen Ascension Catalyst Tantra of the Heart
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Welcome to HiRa's offering page of free guided meditations 🕊

Feel free to practice (or not 😅) & share 😊

'Zazen' meditation was transmitted to HiRa during 15 years from 2000 till 2015 during daily practice in zen temples & dojos in France, Spain, Holland and Argentina by the Kosen Sangha under the guidance of master Kosen Thibaut, who received the transmission from the Zen Soto lineage of master Taisen Deshimaru. Try it with a zafu (pillow) in a quiet space, you'll love it :-)

The 'Unity Breath' meditation was transmitted to HiRa in Sedona during teachers training by Drunvalo Melchizedek, back in 2011. It's a very powerful meditation which many indigenous people around the world have practiced since the beginning of time. They bring themselves in this vibration of love before going into ceremony, or going into their Sacred Heart Spaces, and also when planting or harvesting crops. Try it while you have your bare feet on the Mother Earth and watching the Sky, you'll love it :-)

The 'Oneness' meditation was transmitted on several occasions of HiRa meeting Inelia Benz in different workshops in France, Spain and the USA from 2012 onwards, like the USA retreat called 'the Gathering of the Beginning of the World' by Inelia Benz in 2016.


This a very powerful meditation which creates a high vibrational Oneness field, and this meditation is part of Inelia's highly recommended Ascension Course, which HiRa uses often herself.

By the way, you're more then welcome to do a Oneness meditation together with HiRa during a private 1-on-1 session

The 'Be Source' meditation was transmitted to HiRa during several years of participating in online & onsite retreats (NL, Switzerland, Italy & USA) with the Bön tradition lineage holder Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. It is a very powerful meditation which uses the three doors to awakening: (1) Silence, (2) Stillness & (3) Spaciousness. To deepen your meditation practice, we highly recommend following Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche onsite and online on Youtube and Facebook live:


Try this meditation when you need to recharge and rest, you'll love it :-)

The 'Sacred and Tiny Space of the Heart' guided meditation, which starts at 24 minutes into this 'Ride your Lotus' class, is a very powerful meditation which allows you to connect to the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of your Heart, a method that was originally transmitted to HiRa by Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona, 2011, in the School of Remembering that she's a certified teacher for.


This meditation will set in motion some of the spiritual steps and preparations needed to fully activate your individual and our collective highest ascension potentials.

The 'Be Gaia' meditation is a very powerful meditation which allows you to connect to the Ascended Earth, and to participate into the exciting New Earth timelines which are now becoming available for humanity. Try it, allow Gaia show you what she would like you to be & do on our planet, you'll love it :-)

The 'Light Code Activation' meditation is a very powerful meditation which allows you to activate your dormant light codes within your body and within your DNA. Try it, activate that which is already within you..!

This 'Ride you Lotus' dance meditation will allow you to dance your body, mind & heart awake. When we practice meditation, we often get into stiff body postures without movement, right? This dance meditation combines light, electronic club music and an ancient way of meditation of the Bön tradition transmitted by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, by using the 3 doors of awakening (silence, stillness & spaciousness). These 3 doors of awakening are a way to enter into our own inner refuge, into our true Source of healing. Try it, you might start dancing :-)

This recording with meditations is from our 13th online 'Ride your Lotus' class from Egypt. The meditation itself starts at 18min45 into the video. Feel free to join:-)


This class is offered into the public domain as an invitation to join our interactive, online ascension classes to raise our vibration together. Check out the Ride your Lotus classes here.


"I absolutely loved Hira's way to instruct the method by her feminine, sensual and precise ways of leading the workshop. Her profound experience and knowledge in Zen is the backbone strength to connect with everyone on the course. The choice for deciding to do the experience with Hira was exceptionally right for me and this 4 days has opened me to a completely new level of experiencing my life and myself. Ten points for Hira and full recommendation for anyone choosing an ATIH teacher! She is totally perfect lady for this job!"

Pekko Esko Vuorela, ATIH workshop, Amsterdam, 2016

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