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Silent Awakenings

Silent awakenings happen without spectacular flashlights, bells and whistles. It’s not so much about making a decision, it’s a constant momentum of choosing where and when to engage, what we give our attention to, and where we don’t ☀️

By playfully, honestly and diligently moving towards liberation, we begin to know how to change gears in the overflowing rivers of potential into manifestation, allowing the golden threads of our inner landscapes to freely stream through us, intensely present within all that is ☀️

Life keeps changing and sometimes it feels like nothing is sufficient to create permanent happiness and relief from suffering for all beings, my loved ones and me. For decades I’ve blamed, shamed and judged myself for loosing my light, remembering deep inside that life could be different, yet falling back again and again in prisons of isolation, self~hatred and doubt ☀️

For years I was waiting for love, as if love and I were in a bad romantic relationship together, doomed to fail. Expressing my true feelings, it felt like love was constantly rejecting me, relieved to announce its light to others but not to me, until finally, I knew it was time to change, to stop waiting, to just allow myself to be happy ☀️

Those who are farthest from the sun in the dark night of the soul come closest to its radiant open sky the following day. Demanding life to create love, light and joy is like striving for sunlight: it’s as impossible as it’s unnecessary ☀️

Embracing the thunderstorms of our lost, hidden and frozen children within, we release lifetimes of identification, discovering that joy, light and love are similar to sunlight; even when we don’t feel its warmth, if we’re lucky enough, we can be aware and know that it's all there is, and in all that isn’t, even when we’re unhappy ☀️

Love, light and joy are the building blocks of our inner and outer realities, and if we’re willing to change ourselves by challenging our needs and fears, constantly choosing to respond to life from our natural, inner and universal qualities of love, light and joy, these become permanently accessible sources of knowing why we are alive at any given moment ☀️

Feel free to explore all this further by booking an online, private session, or join us in my online and in person RIDE YOUR LOTUS© gatherings, Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses©, Awakening the Illuminated Heart© workshops and BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops at


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