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Completely addicted

We’re completely addicted, not only to our phones, belief patterns & habits, but mostly to our inner stories. We’re telling ourselves the same stories over & over without realizing it’s not solid or real ✨

It’s our mind producing egoistic imaginations about who we are, the people we encounter and what the world is like. We don’t realize these stories are intense addictions to suffering, drama & pain ✨ Addiction is something we think we want. Something we can’t stop doing, a compulsion, unconscious behaviour, driven by the ego ✨ Pain is a natural part of being human that we experience during physical, emotional, mental or spiritual loss & injuries. Suffering however, is the holding on to that pain through time, past the event or incident when it occurred. So suffering is an attachment, an addiction to pain through time ✨ Most of us believe we don’t evolve if we don’t suffer. We believe that without suffering we don’t appreciate happiness. And it took me countless lifetimes to come to this conclusion, but I don’t believe this to be true. Neither is karma ✨ All we get from suffering is simply to have the experience of suffering. All we get from pain is to experience pain. Nothing else. Suffering is a complete waste of time and energy ✨ Yes we learn and grow from all our experiences. But take the example of a child. Would you beat up a child to teach it what is love? Would a child remember compassion if we scream? Would you be heart~less to a child for it to blossom its own kindness? We originally incarnated on Earth as good souls, divine beings filled with infinite light, joy and wisdom. Suffering didn't make us that way, it only made us shine less brightly for a while ✨ If enough of us truly drop our addiction to strong emotions & thoughts, just for a day, or even just for a flash of a second, our world would change from war to peace in an instant ✨ Let’s tell ourselves and the world a different story. Let’s widen our spectrum of awareness and appreciate life, be happy and grow by experiencing the present moment fully and unaltered through our senses. Let’s feel our essence of unconditional divine love and experience life from Conscious choice~points Now ✨


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