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Timeline Shift

When we experience a timeline shift, a shift towards a parallel reality we already exist in, our life changes very specifically. Some changes are positive, some negative, depending on how conscious we’ve made the timeline shift, and what vibrational signature we’ve chosen to move into ✨

Timelines are dictated by our choices, and our human collective, as a whole, is individually and collectively splitting in two timelines since a decade. There’s one timeline where we go through ascension in connection with Gaia Mother Earth, and another where separation, fear and ‘power over others’ continue to rule ✨

When energetically powerful people on our planet are making strong decisions together, about our mutual agreements concerning our collective experience of reality on Earth, the outside world becomes unsettled, less permanent and solid. When we become aware of how subtle reality truly is, and we realize how thin the veils are between dimensions and timelines, then we start to play with the different timelines through consciously choosing higher resonant timelines ✨

We can consciously shift timelines through the choices we make, where the new timeline branches out from our previous timeline, experienced through a slightly different ‘me’ or ‘personality’, and we can also shift timelines in a way that the ‘me’ or ‘the experience of me’ is coming from a different (past or future) timeline into the current timeline ✨

In our RIDE YOUR LOTUS© gathering this Sunday, we’re going to relax into and enjoy the crossing and bumping of timelines we’re experiencing as a collective today. We’ll be bringing different skills, mind~streams and information from parallel lifetimes into this timeline, individually and collectively, ending in co~creating a collective ultra~high vibrational timeline with Gaia Mother Earth ✨

Join our guided meditation ✨ Price: €22,- for one class, €88 for 5 classes ✨ No previous experiences or meditation practice necessary ✨ Replays are available without time limit for those unable to attend live ✨

Info & inscriptions (link in bio):


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