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The waiting game is over

We’ve been building momentum this year towards shifting into a new level of Heart expansion, creating an inner sanctum of self~love. This means that everything we perceive, experience and become aware of, is saturated with love ✨

Instead of seeing our world as dark, scary or crazy, we understand that the constant building blocks of our collective journey are radiant light, gentle love and blissful joy ✨

We experience a world full of infinite possibilities when our hearts are open enough to receive the pure energy and information of our world deeply within us ✨

Today I remember again that I’m born to awaken my heart in the exact rhythm of our world. Not faster, neither slower, in order to serve as many souls as possible. And in my complete commitment to this healing path, I'm now learning to master neutrality ✨

No matter what; wether I’m in pain or in ecstasy, wether I’m in grief, anger, ignorance or in bliss; all is well when we remember how to hold ourselves in a motherly inner space of clear awareness ✨

Accepting ‘what is’, without grasping, trying to go faster, or holding back. Allowing everything to self~liberate. Allowing all manifestations to arise, abide and flow back into the Source of all Light, as pure Offerings ✨

Resting within an atmosphere of surrender and allowance, trusting everything to always be perfect, whole and complete, as it is ✨

Even in pain, we can experience freedom, and even in the darkest night of the soul, we can experience deep pleasure of letting go ✨

Our purpose of millions of ancient souls is becoming clearer every day. I can feel you and I see you. Know that we’re about to enter a 12 year window of Earth~time, which is beyond anything we’ve ever lived as human beings ✨

I’m here. I’m now. I’m happy to stand in sovereignty. For me, the waiting game is over my dear friends, let’s be Light ✨


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