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The True Power of the Goddess

The true power of the Goddess has been hidden, suppressed, killed, raped, shamed and made guilty for thousands of years, but history shows that all major religions originate from the ancient practices of womb shamanism. It’s time to return the womb to its original primordial freedom, reclaiming the pristine innocence of our sexual energy in direct connection to the primal Source of Creation 🌙

Both female and male physical bodies have a womb as the seat of their personal power and universal creation. Males have an energetic womb called the ‘HARA’ 🌙

When we embody the Womb Bliss we’re naturally born for, knowing bliss as our true nature, our awareness rises relatively quick into mature abilities to embrace both love and hate, positive and negative, good and bad. When we unplug our sexual energy from the false womb grids, we awaken to our true authentic, inner power, instantly manifesting the new worlds now wishing to be birthed through us 🌙

I’m enchanted to organize several ⭕️ Womb Oneness Sharing Circles ⭕️ and for those participating, you’re also more than welcome to join our telegram group 🌀 Womb Oneness 🌀

The ⭕️ Womb Oneness Sharing Circle ⭕️ is a gathering for those who are, will be, or have been participating in one or more of our 3 FEMININE WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT© Masterclasses, where we're journeying together into the Great Mother Wisdom. To participate in the upcoming ⭕️ Womb Oneness Sharing Circle ⭕️ please choose the last option (on the website) called: 'Sharing Circle -Donation Based', where you can choose to join for free, or for any donation you feel comfy with. If you haven't done any classes, but you would like to share in the ⭕️ Circle ⭕️ please purchase one of our classes before: 🌙❤️

Also, feel free to join our WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT MASTERCLASS without participation in the sharing circle 🌙 You can still get the replay of all 3 Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses here: 🌙 Once purchased, the replays are available without time limit 🌙 Welcome As You Are 🌙☀️🌙


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