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The Power Struggle between the Sexes

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Men go crazy over the claiming, meddlesome, bossy, controlling, possessive, stressed and troublesome women in their lives. Conversely, women are regularly annoyed by the slack, lazy, blunt, sloppy, undisciplined, irresponsible and self~centred men around them. It has been that way for centuries and centuries. But in the meantime we’ve become a lot more civilized. All of us. According to Lisette Thooft in her book ‘The Insatiable Woman (and the Absent Man),’ she offers a new vision of the causal connection between men and women, and how we’ve civilized each other ☀️

If I’ve learned anything through my years of beloved practices with the ancient wisdoms from Zen to Bön~Buddhism to TAO, is that I’m immature, even infantile, and that through self~reflections, self~love, and self~compassion, step by step, wisdom might grow from within me in this lifetime. Seeing my own immaturity, I start to see it everywhere and in everyone, how lost we are as a society 😒

What helps me personally, is that when I look at all the different stages women and men in general had to go through in intimate relationships, from the early days before patriarchy, when matriarchy was insatiably and ruthlessly ruling humanity, until today, is that by civilizing each other, we might be able to connect deeper while also enjoying more freedom on all levels of reality ☀️

The power struggle between the sexes might still continue, in the open or more subtly, but we can now see how universal the inner feminine and masculine shadow aspects actually are, and that in every relationship, when we’re facing these wounds, when we accept and clear them, when we transform it all into inner power, we can change not only our own personal relationships, but the whole of our human collective too ☀️

I believe it all comes down to love and freedom. Yes, we fight. We challenge each other, negotiate, talk, and sometimes drive each other crazy. But we end up making love again, or not. To love each other and to set each other free, despite of all of our differences, is what drives our evolution forward, what makes us more sensitive and contained, and what helps us unify each other’s qualities and grow together ☀️

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