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Suffering is the internal, painful feeling that comes with the experience of separation from what we desire. We suffer when we feel separated from what we want, and the more we identify with the desire, the more painful it is ✨

Every human being knows desire. Desire itself is not the root of our suffering, it’s the innocent misunderstanding of what desire naturally is. Desire itself can be experienced as divine play. Birthing creation ✨ In our longing for someone or something, we believe there’s happiness and wellness to be found. But we suffer when we believe it’s ‘out there’, when we forget it’s already existing in the completion within us ✨ I feel what we most long for, we’re also most scared off. And what we truly want, is our own authenticity to flow through our Being. To simply be ourselves, without excuses or masks ✨ There’s nothing ‘out there’. There’s only one discovery. Every experience shows itself into our life to facilitate the profound healing of our perception of self. It’s not a discovery of ‘who’ we are, there’s no~one. It’s ‘what’ we truly are. Our true nature ✨ Any movement, when we try to change something or someone outside of ourselves, is ultimately because we’re trying to change ourselves. Why would we want to change anything, ‘out there’? There’s nothing other than an empty display of space and light. A foundation of divine play. Serving our awakening ✨ When we wish to change something ‘out there’, we withhold love from it. We make it real, and we ultimately withhold love from ourselves ✨ Let’s live in a way which allows love to flow, regardless of what’s ‘out there’. We may feel disturbed, but we’re always free inside. There’s nowhere to go. There’s nothing to do. There’s only stillness ✨ Not some spiritual idea of stillness or silence, but a deep inner willingness to see what’s real and truthful ✨ Life is not interested in us individually, it’s only interested in life itself, in the expansion of Love ✨ Let’s lay down the illusion of going somewhere together. We’re dancing thoughts and feelings on an eternal wave of Love. Let’s accept life’s invitation to come back to this present moment. Let’s allow true Love to be experienced ✨


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