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Subtle Focus to Life

Awareness is our greatest force, our focus to life, yet so subtle that its ultimate power is often misunderstood and hidden beneath our daily thoughts and emotions. It’s the subtleties that serve the continuous strengthening of our awareness ☀️

Awareness is connecting us with the external world, allowing us to interact with it from within, shifting our perceptions, creating change as we begin to emanate new information, reshaped by our own conscious interaction with the subtle realm ☀️

The collective power of creative, connective prayer is an important part of this interaction, amplified by our awareness. Our collective prayer is evolving and shifting in a constant dialogue with the subtle realms, communicating our present moment desires into the future. We do this with our Heart in a way that is unique to us by bringing attention to our authentic feelings within ☀️

We’re now given a direct power to coCreate with Life, accelerating a shift from a past, powerless form of prayer, often from a feeling of lack, to its next level of empowered prayer, moving from faith into knowing, understanding a new degree of leading humanity through conscious cocreation as a deep, creative and natural inner connection to life, consciously knowing all is well, and that we deserve to command our own life flow through empowered experiences ☀️

This is the subtle power of our awareness, shifting our inner dialogues, cocreating invisible change in the desired moment, leading new futures with more access to peace, our grounding force. Experiencing access to new realities through feelings of peace and the connections creating it. We are prayer in human form. Empowered sovereign beings, anchoring ease and willingness to flow Life from all its facets into the innate beauty it truly is ☀️

Within us lives a sacred Love of Life seeing beauty in all aspects of life. Within us lives pure power growing to transform Life, turning pain into possibility through the invisible, subtle realms. We shape and create it, often with a form of prayer, we then emanate it out through our beingness and our experiences. Life on Earth changes and our prayers are powerful catalysts of change ☀️

Pic: my new Andara crystals :-)))


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