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Sirus Light - Lions Gate Portal 8/8

We are the guardians of this planet Earth. No matter how powerful the storms of distraction, chaos, confusion and conflict, we keep our inner focus on our Heart’s freedom, co~creating positive transformations for our human collective at this crucial time ✨

We dance in absolute grace and skill, allowing all tension, identification, resistance and exhaustion to arise from our inner movements, observing and purifying it all as we collectively birth new multi~dimensional realties, now accessible for human beings ✨

You’re invited to join us in a guided meditation on the 8/8 Lions Portal ~RIDE YOUR LOTUS©~ this Sunday ✨ As we meditate and access Source, our diamond light~body opens to draw the diamond light particles and codes into our Hearts and DNA 🧬 Here, we balance divine feminine & masculine in a spiral of one crystalline light consciousness ✨

The Lion's Gateway is a cosmic event, happening during a specific time window every year, where the celestial bodies of our Earth and Sun align both with our spiritual sun Sirius and our Galactic Center. We call it the 'Lions Gate', as our sun in this time window is in Leo: it’s all about authenticity, royalty, strength, courage and leadership ✨

This galactic new year portal produces an intense influx of heightened light frequencies till the end of August, accumulating in an energetic apex on August 8th, when the brightest star in our sky, Sirius, lines up directly with the pyramids of Giza, bursting out in an explosion of supercharged light, giving us all the opportunity to accelerate and stabilize our awakening by receiving the Source Light Codes and upgrades from Sirius ✨

Sunday 8/8 at 5pm EET/CET: zoom online gathering from Egypt ✨ No previous experiences or practices necessary, all are welcome ✨ Replays are available without time limit ✨ Price: €22,- ✨ BOOKING:


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