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Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal usually increases when love is our chosen vessel of awakening and ascension, but many times we suppress it due to aeons of limiting conditioning. Often, we think we know everything about sex or sexual pleasure, but we’re missing out on an infinite amount of possibilities in which we can use our sexual energy for our health, happiness, long life and liberation ✨ Love and pleasure are closely related, physically speaking, as they create many of the same chemicals, and also physiologically, love and pleasure are linked together. Yet the majority on our planet is trapped in the polarities of love/hate and pain/pleasure, when our being gets unconsciously hijacked by our ego, pain identity, or small self ✨ In a golden relationship, intention is key. Then, sexual union can become a space where the partners love and enjoy each other entirely, being fully aware they’re divine beings while coCreating a flow of divine love together, without needing guarantees, promises, expectations, stories or obligations, and no need to control, possess or rush the other ✨ We can become sexually aroused during the practices and processes of ascension, which may cause confusion if we don’t know that the energy we feel at that moment, and the one we become aroused with, is divine love. It‘s in fact ourselves that we are feeling. Our own true essence ✨ In this Sunday’s RIDE YOUR LOTUS© class I’m setting up a safe, decent, clear and sacred space of meditation, where we’re going deeper into exploring how we can use our sexual energy in transforming our individual and collective pain identities, for the benefit of all. We’ll use methods of breath, awareness and visualizations, accumulating in the activation of black, turquoise, pink and golden~diamond light in our different chakra’s ✨ Join us this Sunday the 14th of March’21 at 5pm EET timezone (10am Eastern Time) ✨ Price: €22,- for one class, €88 for 5 classes ✨ No previous experiences or meditation practice necessary ✨ Replays will be available without time limit for those unable to attend live ✨ Info & inscriptions:

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