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Scream on me in rage

Humans are complicated, fascinating, funny, contradictory and crazy beings... Including myself ofcourse 😅 The sacred fool within me is awake, helping me to speak my electric, magnetic truth without constraint ✨ No more apologies to be myself. Stopped caring about those thinking I’m insane. Let them have it 😆 I relentlessly cut through the thick layers of identifications of humanity. I ruthlessly see through the fake masks people so compliantly love to hide behind. I no longer accept other people’s excuses to be in~sincere or hypocrite, using their pain and suffering as an excuse to not be reasonable, responsible, or react like a spoiled child ✨ Not part of my coCreative reality anymore, deeply knowing we ALL have a natural access to liberation and awakening on this planet since 2012. When I’m invited, I’ll joyfully help our human collective, planet and beyond, but I’m done saving the world ✨ We all have open doors to negativity through our partners, kids, friends, family, news, movies, addictions, food, obsessions, and guilty pleasures. Trick is to find these open doors and close them. We can close them gently, with or without explanations, or slam the doors down harshly if we must, but don’t leave them open through false beliefs about what’s true compassion, or even worse, not to live life truly as intended before we arrived here ✨ If we keep running away in fear when we’re finally given true love, hiding our true feelings deep inside of our hearts, if we’re blindly attached to mass opinions, we’ll never be able to truly be ourselves: unapologetically alive, innocently passionate, infinitely creative, rebelling in the radical spontaneity of life, dancing in complete inner freedom ✨ I’m no longer accepting my friends to playfully insult me as a sign of love, unless they come from a careful place of respect. I‘ll never stop fully engaging in Life, even if the others, or their demons, feel challenged by my authenticity. I welcome the bizarre, socially unacceptable, unexpected, non~serious, straightforwardness of the others in my life: I prefer you scream on me in rage if these are your true feelings, but stop being so polite, conventional and confirmative 😆


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