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Many people told me over the last years that I’m a brilliant ‘living in the heart’ teacher, but the more my Heart is being healed, especially over the last few months, it’s been increasingly profound, the more I’m wondering who is this ‘brilliant teacher’ they’re talking about?

The role of being a teacher and ascension guide doesn’t resonate with me anymore. During my workshops, journeys, private sessions & classes, those moments that I truly feel a living transmission of Light, love, experience & knowledge coming through, is when I fully open up to the teachings, to the beautiful people attending, to the entire universe, and to myself. Simply, absolutely and completely being open to our Source of Being ✨ When we’re open, we can receive and give at the same time. From that same place, we can be with all others and be with ourselves. From that same Space, we can allow all others and ourselves to be exactly where we’re at in life. When we align to our source within, we can truly live in the moment. Fully present in all of our senses, bodies, soul and spirit. We can feel, experience, heal and live from that perfect state of Being Source ✨ You’re invited to join our ‘RIDE YOUR LOTUS’ class this Sunday, where I commit to Being an open channel of awareness. I Am Open to whatever wishes to come through to you and all Life everywhere ✨ Today’s guidance about this specific class, is that we will go deeply into the Female Dragon lineages with the Goddesses Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin. We will be receiving different frequencies of Light into our mind-soul-body system and travel to the Divine Mother, to be in Union with her 🦋 Join us 🌸 No previous experiences or meditation practice are necessary, you’re more than welcome to join in exactly as you are. For those unable to attend, there are replays available without time limit ✨ DURATION The interactive webinar lasts about 1 hour and a half hour, max 2 hours. At the end there will be a possibility to ask questions and/or share your experiences if you wish


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