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Restoring the Heart

Winter is a time for the female physical body to charge itself fully, by connecting to the dark, mysterious dream~power of the yin force (earth 🌍), like it’s in summer for the male physical body by connecting to the golden light of the yang force (sun ☀️). Ofcourse, we all have yin and yang forces living within our being, independent of the different genders of our physical body and our soul ❤️

We can support our partners, family and friends during this season by giving them time and space to slow down and by honoring the energies brought to our physical, mental and emotional bodies: putting our phone away, read books, sleep a lot, spend time ‘day~dreaming’. I’m so grateful to be supported by my husband in such profound ways ❤️

Submerged in 2 months of yin time, it’s been challenging to do nothing, but very empowering to ‘rest in the breath’. Knowing the gratitude of being alive. Needing less. Restoring the cellular structure of my body and its nervous system, there’s so much more to discover and heal in the sense of being able to embody deep relaxation and cellular enlightenment, but I can now truly feel the importance of a healthy agreement and connection between our soul and our physical body. Curious what 2023 will bring to our world in this perspective ❤️

The taoists of the Nei Dan Kung teach us that by ‘being in the yi~force’ through ‘soft eyes’, an ‘inner smile’, opening our heart to a loved one, and breathing deeply into the belly, this is strengthening our whole being. I’m grounding in their chi kung and healing sound practices every day & night ❤️

The taoists like to do things in ‘lazy’ awareness, without any effort, force, pressure or willpower, which, together with stress, they see as our most harmful and destructive force. It’s taking many years of practice to understand what ‘living without willpower’ means, but the effects are slowly manifesting in the way I see, experience and respond to life ❤️

By slowing down we speed up our growth. For me, it’s like Moana and the Goddess Te Fiti living together in one body, it’s when we start to know who we truly are that life begins to make sense: ❤️

Feel free to explore all this further by booking an online, private session, or join us in my online and in person RIDE YOUR LOTUS© gatherings, Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses©, Awakening the Illuminated Heart© workshops and BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops at


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