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Reclaim your own Path

Empowering the people of the Earth means understanding that the Sacred arises from within us all, freely and naturally, without needing to have a specific name, ordination or title, neither being part of a school, temple, university, religion or philosophy ✨

The ancient structures and institutes respectfully offer us refuge, each teaching bringing sparks of Light for us to continue journeying and ripening within our own self. Yet the New Earth is not about following a person, method or system anymore, as it’s again creating new layers of identification, creating separation between us, not unification ✨

Mother Earth is shaking, rumbling, bursting, clearing and purifying the Human Collective to its very core. Her deep, dark grounds are literally opening up, and all of our past is being washed away. Those places where we safely fitted in before are now shaking within us all, and this can be very confusing, as many are not ready for the new, yet we’re no longer feeling comfortable with the old either ✨

I find it challenging to step away from my past lives and the related teachings I love so profoundly. I find it heart~breaking actually, but like many light~workers today I’m constantly dying and rebirthing in this subtle now~moment. I can’t keep believing I’ll find truth outside of myself in any way ✨

Gaia, the living spirit of the Earth, demands each of us to reclaim our own path, remembering our coCreative power and sovereignty through focused awareness, rediscovering that « I Am the universal temple of the Now » ✨

The Sacred Temples reside in each one of us. The pure Innocence of the Sacred is residing within each human being, within each breath, in every cell of our body, and in every single particle of our Sacred Earth ✨

Living in Egypt, I’m receiving this influx super strongly. Being a birthing channel for the new realities. Being a Source Portal for this continuous divine flow. It’s not always ease, grace and fun for me, at all! But Being on earth today is gifting us all with new opportunities as we’re ushering in a complete new cycle for humanity ✨

Join us in our RIDE YOUR LOTUS© meditation:


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