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Reaching beyond all sense of polarity

The cosmic energies hitting our planet are rapidly augmenting in intensity, which is not always easy for our physical, emotional, mental, energetic and ego bodies to adjust to. When we’re vibrationally aligned with the presence of Source within, we’re thriving and happy, but when we’re the slightest bit off balance, nowadays these small imbalances become magnified in our manifested realities and we find ourselves miles away from where we were initially going 😆

This Sunday on the 12/12 portal we’re gathering for another Ride Your Lotus meditation, where we’ll be aligning our different bodies and minds to the new incoming earth and cosmic energies, activating new radiance and freedom by coming together and remembering the dormant, ancient light codes we’ve always carried within our DNA 🧬

We’ll be remembering and awakening divine empowerments, higher perspectives and spiritual attainments as a group, protected within the sacred union of our own inner masculine and feminine enlightened awareness. At the end, we’ll be offering it all freely into our world for the benefit of all ✨

When we reach beyond all sense of polarity, we find a place within us embracing both light and dark as a living unity in human form, able to include the darkness as a place of birthing new light. Divine love and compassion are encoded into our awakening consciousness because this is who we are, what we’re made from, our true nature. When we fearlessly step into our own sovereign power, we’re acting as lightning antennae, currently receiving immense downloads of golden Light and anchoring this pure love into our human collective and our Mother Earth ✨

When our heart is open with a willingness to receive, our connection to divine intelligence becomes whole again and we experience a softening in our heart, allowing us to see the world from a greater place of balance and peace ❤️

Feel free to purchase the replays of these Lotus Rides or join us live in our monthly Ride your Lotus gatherings 🌸 All are welcome ✨ Classes are €22,- for one class, €88,- for 5 classes ✨

Art created by the amazing Alessandra Sodi


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