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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Through childhood trauma I believed I had to defend myself against all men, protecting myself from danger through offense and attack. Raised at a time where women considered men to be our enemies, men were blamed and judged for almost everything women no longer accepted, proving they didn’t need men to provide, thus turning women into kings instead of queens 👸

I’m reading a novel “The Queen’s Code” by Alison Armstrong, bringing a deeper understanding of both men and women beyond gender. We bring out the best and worst in our relationships, it really just all comes down to our point of view ☀️

Instead of connecting with the noble essence and brilliance of the divine masculine as a call to action, the wounded feminine has been comparing men to ‘The Perfect Person’: a perfect amount of perfect qualities in the perfect moment. When men seemingly ‘intentionally’ don’t do what they’re expected to do, women believe they don’t care, love and respect them enough, meaning “I must be doing something wrong” & “I’m not good enough” 😑

It’s not that women and men are not trying to understand each other better, we’re just not seeing that women and men think, feel, act and communicate very differently. Women have ‘expanded awareness focus’, constantly multitasking as everything in their environment ‘talks’ to them. Men have ‘single focus’, doing one thing at the time with full commitment. Generally speaking, women are ‘externally motivated’ through perfection, responding automatically to the needs and preferences of the others, while men are more ‘internally motivated’, following their own path in accord with their own inner sense of self ☀️

Instead of attacking, diminishing, pressuring, punishing, weakening and disempowering each other through withholding appreciation, admiration, trust, participation and intimacy, we can simply listen to each other, and stop ignoring, criticizing, judging and interrupting. Be a safe person to connect to. We can stop competing with each other, just cherish, stop defending ourselves, just protect, stop anticipating with suspicion, just trust, and stop treating each other with disdain, just respect, naturally ☀️

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