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Frozen Children

I‘ve found that the discovery of truth, of the Presence of my own being, the truth of my own being, has now created a foundation for me to go into many deeply rooted pains in my body, mind, breath and soul. Most importantly, without being afraid of it ✨

Life is now clearing me out, so that these pains can be processed and felt, lovingly held to be seen and loved. For me, this occurs only when the adequate space is there. Not only inside of myself, but also around me, in my surroundings and in my daily life ✨ I guess it’s also because I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP). Someone who perceives the world of form as entering more deeply than for most others. Someone who feels & senses more intensely. Colours are more vivid. Sounds come in stronger ✨ I’m as sensitive as I am strong, a combination which is not always easy for keeping the balance within ✨ This autumn & winter, I’m very fortunate to receive the co~created opportunity to take time to heal myself on a deeper level. To be quiet, to be with my family, to be open, to heal, reflect, meditate, breath, read, study, dance, dream, channel. Like a long, deep retreat at home. No travelling. Strengthening my body & soul in many different ways ✨ Self~care. Self~love. That ultimate state when self~awareness becomes effortless awareness: a self~liberating door to our true nature of being ✨ When there‘s loads of space, when we connect to the space within ourselves and the space within everything, then our deeply rooted pains can emerge from within us and can really be held. Held, nourished and healed in the loving arms of Space. Surrendering in the arms of everything ✨ It’s important to take time, not to try to rush it, not to try « to get over it ». Just really acknowledging those frozen children inside, screaming out to be seen and loved ✨ I love to invite us all to relax into our life flow of Creative Love. To be gentle with ourselves. To use Creative Love to shift, rather than to use so much effort. We will receive the support that is flowing to us more readily and our joyful effort will feel more inspired. For it will be coming from a place of inner wealth, the infinite wellspring of Love we truly are ✨


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