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Focused Bliss

The secrets of the elevation of consciousness through Sacred Sexual practices, as for example practiced Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus) have been stolen and hidden through the ages. I’m guided at this time in Ibiza to bring some of this knowledge back into our Human Collective consciousness and I’m honoured. I’m not fully initiated as a High Priestess yet, but I’m very happy to walk this path with my soul sisters closest in my field of awareness, ready to practice these sacred teachings together ✨

In order to fully run our sexual energy tantrically throughout our body, there are several channels that must be cleared through which the energy is intended to flow. In this context, the free flow of our kundalini is important, as it helps in the rising of the sexual energy through our chakras, and even helps in clearing on a cellular level and our nervous system in its more advanced stages of activation. The tantric channels carry sexual energy from our genital area to other parts of our body that are keys to our grounding, to deeper soul bonding with our partner and mutual nourishing and arousal ✨

There are 3 types of kundalini: body kundalini, Earth kundalini & cosmic kundalini. The kundalini flow is vital to the deeper flow of tantric energy and spiritual growth in general. It’s electrical energy stored at the base of the spine and released in an ascending motion through the spinal channels, clearing and activating our chakras along the way upwards, stimulating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. There are 5 spinal channels that ondulate upwards, here on this image you see 2 of them ✨

In this Egyptian Tantra practice of Isis, the Initiates breath black and golden snakes up the spine, meeting through all the chakras, facing each other in the brain and activating white & red serpentine drops falling into the pineal gland, creating a state of bliss. This bliss can be focused on emptiness for enlightenment (like in Buddhist Tantra) or focused on charging the light-body, like Mary & Yeshua did, using the sexual energy to create complex electric and magnetic fields, generated by their loving connection, using it to charge their Ka Light Body ✨


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