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Let's focus!

2021 is calling us to bring more Heart~focus through awareness, within an environment of constant, massive changes. Focusing through the Open Awareness we naturally are. Being our true nature ✨

Those of us who are able to stay high frequency on a permanent basis will gain huge momentum, even though the restrictions of our basic human rights might augment this year ✨

We’ve had many opportunities in 2020 to become more present, compassionate, aware and spacious, fast~learning how to listen to our own soft heart~voice in the midst of global and individual challenges. Now that we’ve strengthened our capacity to follow our heart connections, it’s time to Free our hearts completely in order to radically change our world from the inside out ✨

When we become empowered within, we interact differently. By allowing universal, divine will to lead our human will, knowing we can’t control anything except our own inner connections with Source, we’re now asked to Focus our Power deeply into our own lives, and to fully disengage from any fearful disempowerment narratives surrounding us. Deeply knowing that fear can only dominate us, if we haven’t processed our hidden fears inside ✨

Let’s not watch the old world burn. Let’s co~create a new collective focus on the subtle Now, through harmony, balance and coherence of our mind and hearts. Constantly choosing to live in Love, together with all those who resonate with our paths and life goals ✨

We’ll always continue to interact with the world, and go beyond, but we’re now asked to focus on taming our own minds, to be less information addictive, and to be more responsible about where we direct our focus. Our focused awareness will catalyze and transform our collective reactions into creative, passionate and clear potentials ✨

Feel free to join us in our New~Earth~Now group, and in my upcoming events ✨

New Earth Now:

🌎 Light Language Image « Fusion » created by the amazing @amaelthestarseed 🌏🌍


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