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Feminine Space

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

We’re born into this world through a mother’s womb which is, to varying degrees, contracted, unhealed and afraid. Often, this breaks our first and primary relationship with the Feminine Space; breaking our trust to Life to hold us safe, not feeling the deep nourishment of the Goddess, neither feeling at home on Earth 🌙

Our minds are able to disassociate from painful emotions, people and situations, but our bodies cannot deny any experiences. Our bodies never lie to us, no matter how often we ignore its calls and cries 🌙

A woman with a fully awakened womb is a true shaman: she walks between the worlds. What we call ‘shamanism’ is essentially feminine consciousness. What psychologists call the ‘unconscious’ psyche, holds a deeply feminine maternal vibration, it’s like a mother to our ‘conscious’ masculine cerebral mind 🌙

According to neuroscience studies, our unconscious mind is processing 500.000 times more data than our conscious mind, meaning that most of our perceptions and mental activities are happening below the level of our conscious awareness, in our original state of cosmic knowing 🌙

Our current crisis in human history is mainly due to the fact that we have become far too polarized in masculine consciousness. We’ve lost access to our inner feminine psyche by not being able to recognize and remember it’s numerous, magical, nourishing and divine nature. The light of conscious awareness is birthed from the fertile and infinite darkness of the unconscious Feminine Void, just like black holes birth stars, it’s not the other way around 🌙

In our third and final Womb Enlightenment MasterClass, we journey into different ways to bring back the Goddess into our lives and bodies. We’re passing through a universal Dark Night of the Womb on this planet, and we’re helping our human collective to rebirth into a new and deeper spiral 🌀 awakening, into a new earth 🌍

Join our WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT MASTERCLASS 🌙 You can still get the replay of all 3 Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses here: 🌙 Once purchased, the replays are available without time limit 🌙 Welcome As You Are 🌙☀️🌙

📸 by Alessandra Sodi ❤️


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