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Essential Desire

Our Essence is the purest part of ourselves, existing beyond our personality and fully connected to everyOne and everything 💫

Our Desire is the deep and primal urge to grow, expand and express fuller and more complete versions of ourselves. It’s the strongest life~force in human beings, and in contrast to what we’re taught to believe, our desires will always move us closer to the highest good of ourselves and others 💫

The true source of our desire is our Essence, pointing us in the direction of our life’s purpose and our soul design. Our core essence is always a manifestation of divine source energy, thus the true source of our desire is Goddess herself 💫

We all constantly have a choice to what thoughts and feelings we give power to in our consciousness, and the thoughts/feelings we energize will create a vibration, which is in turn mirrored back to us in the physical realities. What we choose to give power to, either consciously or unconsciously, is what we create 💫

Our Will is our magic 🪄 wand, the purpose and design our soul is here to fulfill. It’s our power to choose. Our creative power is fueled by our will, in service of our desires and purpose here on earth, and all of our choices together create our results 💫

In the upcoming week, we’re moving into the fall Equinox with the full moon passage happening around the same day, which means the deeply felt intensities of the incoming cosmic and galactic energies will keep on rising. Time for another gathering with our RIDE YOUR LOTUS© crew ❤️

In our Lotus Ride this Sunday, together we’ll explore our deepest desires, our core essence, and our will~power, aligning it all into bringing more clarity into our life~purpose. Join us 🌸 Sunday the 19th of September at 5pm CET/EET ✨ Fee: €22,- ✨ No previous experiences or meditation practices necessary, all are welcome ✨ For those unable to attend in real time, there are replays available without time limit ✨

BOOKING & ALL INFO (link in bio):


📷 by my honey @deepzen_kosho 🌺


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