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Enlightened Society

Most of the activities I do on a professional level are to enable humanity to build an enlightened society. My work is to empower us to be the conscious co-creators of our reality, to take back our earth & humanity, to Be Power ✨

Our planet earth and our human collective agreed to experience a light/dark paradigm of duality many thousands of years ago, because we understood duality as fuel for our collective evolution. Our original mission was to Be Light and to continue to hold this Light on our planet, reincarnating lifetime after lifetime, playing different roles ✨

In order to accelerate the growth of the human collective of Gaia (the living spirit of mother earth), we’ve carried our Light throughout the ages. For a light~being coming from a natural environment of pure light, we’ve had extremely difficult life experiences. We’ve been burnt at the stake, stoned to death, tortured, killed and persecuted. We’ve fallen so deep that many of us lost hope ✨

Millions of us are Now set to wake up. The time has come for us to complete our learning cycle. Since 2012 our planet and collective have come to maturity within the experience of duality. We’re now ready to live a different experience: Unity Consciousness ✨

We’re pulling our planet out of the patriarchal structures, back into our true essence, into a higher vibrational awareness experience. By dissolving our pain and low vibrational programs, we’re co-creating energetic maps & resonances, activating & awakening hundreds of individuals around us ✨

When we act at a social level in the redefinition of our world, we do it from a place of FEARLESSNESS and impeccable integrity. We no longer ‘save’ our world and feed the polarity of the old paradigm through our social and personal programs. Every time we feel we’re victims or feel sympathy for ‘a victim’, every time we feel anger towards ‘a perpetrator’ or we subscribe to ‘a saviour’ saving ‘a victim’, we strengthen the old paradigm ✨

We literally STOP all harm happening on our planet, inside and outside, because IT SIMPLY DOESN’T FIT INTO OUR CHOSEN REALITY ANY LONGER ✨


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