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Diamond Thunderbolt

You will never be too much fire for those meant to dance in your flames 🔥☄️💥⚡️

True, and yet I found myself wrapping my crystal around the sacred vajra object on my altar last night, ritualistically setting my intentions towards being more able to contain my wild inner fire, and to learn how to ignite it without harming myself and the world around me ✨

The ‘vajra’ (Sanskrit) or ‘dorje’ (Tibetan) has special significance in Tibetan Buddhism. In Sanskrit, it has both the meanings of ‘thunderbolt’ and ‘diamond,’ which are also the exact meanings of my name Hira in Sanskrit, which I received 20 years ago in India from a woman called Tara ✨

It’s time for Hira’s diamond Light to melt it’s liquid fire in thunderbolt flashes of indestructible clarity for the benefit of all ✨

Like the thunderbolt, the vajra cleaves through ignorance with a direct, strong, hard and invincible strike. A diamond is pure, indestructible and eternal. As such, the word vajra signifies the lighting-bolt power of enlightenment and the absolute, indestructible reality of shunyata, ‘emptiness’ ✨

In the advanced Tantra of the Heart classes in Sedona with #drunvalomelchizedek we learned that the vajra can also be found in the sky in the electro-magnetic Field Aligned Currents of the stars, like the #Birkeland currents, and that we can learn to master these currents in our physical bodies through a specific tantric flow and breath from the Sacred Spaces of the Heart, offering different psychic and physical abilities and healing powers ✨

OK, I admit! It’s hard to contain my excitement 😅😉🤣 but here I go for containing it anyway, and using it for the benefit of all 🙌🐉🕊


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