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Who or what is our true self?

Razor~sharp discernment is what we need in these upcoming years, if we wish to be able to offer refuge to ourselves and to our world. Going beyond our ego confusions to resolve all karma and conflicts, withdrawing all our projections, we constantly engage from our Source within. When we’re fully connected to the presence of Source within, we regain our lost abilities to instantly dream the new worlds into being ✨

I’ve been patiently observing all triggered thoughts and emotions recently till it stopped, reminding me that there’s nothing more fascinating and helpful than to live life from our true self ✨ So what is our true self and what is it not? ✨

When we’re aware of who we truly are, we experience openness, completeness, wholeness and perfection in the moment. When we look at our world and ourselves from an illusionary place of pain, fear and tension, when we identify with these experiences as ‘this is happening to me’, then we’re not able to see our true self and we believe that we’re imperfect, broken or incomplete. It’s like as if someone is living locked down inside of us who believes “I’m me’,” but it’s unreal, it’s a constant invitation to believe a seductive, dualistic simulation ✨

What we call our ‘shadow~self’ like anger, grief, arrogance, despair, jealousy, guilt and shame to name but a few, these destructive emotions tend to close us down, but in reality they’re our guides and allies, showing us when we’re out of integrity with our true selves, not standing in our own sovereign power, or unable to safely guard our energy and voluntary boundaries ✨

When we recognize and embrace our shadows, when we live from an open place of being, we turn our focus inwards as our main mastery of mind, and the vibrational frequencies we emit from our body and being become naturally high, radically changing our world from the inside out ✨

Ultimately there’s neither creation nor destruction, neither destiny nor free will, so why worry? Let’s live our life freely! Let’s be brave, follow our highest excitement and ground it in happiness! ✨

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