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Creating New Worlds

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Palestine and Israel better be ready for me 🤭

I’m guiding 2 workshops to Create New Worlds together, first in Palestine then in Israel ☀️ Both workshops will be for women only, the workshop in Palestine will be in Bethlehem, birthplace of Jeshua (Jesus) and will unfold on the 5th of October, from 10am till 2pm ☀️ For the workshop in Bethlehem, feel free to send me an email but do act fast, places are limited ❤️ For the workshop ‘Creating New Worlds’ in Israel, here’s all info at

My heart is guided by Source and responds to the call of our human collective and Gaia, Mother Earth. These days, I only respond to the high frequency part of our human collective and it’s guiding me to visit this area of our world where there’s continuous conflict still causing so much pain and destruction. I have many close friends on both sides of the boarder, I’m clearly not here to choose sides, I choose to operate and navigate in the Oneness fields beyond right and wrong, shining my inner Light to all beings to bring happiness where I can.

When we deeply and sincerely process our destructive emotions like anger or grief, we can stop feeding the forces of duality in the light/dark paradigm and enter a new world of pure light, where we’re all invited to Create New Realities together ☀️

I’m happy to share the new high frequencies with everyOne who feels called. Feel free to explore all this further by booking an online, private session, or join us in my online and in person RIDE YOUR LOTUS© gatherings, Womb Enlightenment MasterClasses©, Awakening the Illuminated Heart© workshops and BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops at


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