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Corona or no Corona, that is the question...

We receive the information of the timeline we’re living in ✨

Whatever reality we choose to perceive, will attract those co~creators who are agreeing with that reality, consciously or unconsciously, while feeding us with more manifestations of that same reality by the way they think, act and feel ✨

For example, those believing in corona will find evidence and ‘proof’ of their truth, and those not believing in corona will find evidence and ‘proof’ of their truth. Nobody is wrong. Nobody is right. It’s just a complete different reality ✨

The two timelines now manifesting on our planet are fundamentally different and are being played out through our beliefs around corona, but when we look more closely at the underlying dynamics of it all, it’s actually not about corona, neither about conspiracy theories, it’s about what we, as a human collective, decide to experience on a moment to moment basis ✨

Our human collective has decided to split in 2012 between those wishing to live in unity, and those of us not done with living in duality and fear. It’s not new, it’s basically always the same choice in every moment, to live in love or in fear, but these two fundamentally different view~ and choice~points of creation will continue to move our timelines further apart, and solidify ✨

Today, many people don’t realize the power of their own created realities and are unaware we’ve moved into a new golden age entirely. When our Earth ascended 8 years ago, everyOne on our planet received the same augmented power of Creation, which in ancient times, only the high initiated ones had access to. We’ve always created our own reality, it’s just that now, on a global scale, the dynamics of Creation are changing: we’re more sensitive, more powerful, we manifest faster, and this goes for both timelines ✨

The perspective we choose decides on how we think, act and feel, and how we respond. This in turn creates our Reality. The majority of humanity is now re~creating a reality they get force~fed through mainstream media, not realizing that by watching and believing the mass media hypnosis, they themselves are actually the ones creating more lockdowns, deaths, viruses and vaccines, and not ‘the world’ ✨


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