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Ceremony of Sovereignty

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Sharing some of the beautiful bowls we’ve sanctified yesterday during our ‘Ceremony of Sovereignty’, together with 50 powerful Goddesses 🌙 I wish to share some of the insights we’ve so graciously received 🌙

The feminine path is full of passionate longings, driving our heart’s desires into a multiverse of manifestations, through which our deepest feelings become multidimensional doorways to dream~birth new ways of Being through our womb 🌙

Not only females have a womb, males also have an energetic or spiritual womb, the hara, which they’re invited to activate through deeply honoring the feminine, within and without, and through integrity, sincerity and true love, honoring to protect all of life 🌙

The power of our womb/hara, in connection with our Heart of Hearts ♥️ and our Third Eye location, is the greatest cosmic star~gate of the universe, creating multidimensional realities in every breath 🌙

The true power of the Goddess has been hidden, suppressed, killed, raped, shamed and made guilty for thousands of years, but history shows that all major religions originate from the ancient practices of womb shamanism. It’s time to return the womb to its original primordial freedom, reclaiming the pristine innocence of our sexual energy in direct connection to the primal Source of Creation. When we come together with strong and clear intentions to purify, heal and strengthen our deep inner feminine, magic spontaneously happens 🌙

It’s been an absolutely liberating gathering, and I’m still integrating the after~glow 😅😍🤩 So many more insights to share! 💕 To be continued! 🌙

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