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Bodhisattva's: stop saving the world!

The reason why we’re still living in a psychotic society, it's not because of ‘the dark side’ on our planet, it’s because many light~workers are not done with ‘saving’ others ✨

The current plandemic is a physical manifestation of an energetic split in reality we choose as a collective in 2011. Initially, Earth was on a course of evolution where ALL would remember who and what we are, activating our abilities as instant manifestors of reality, and experience expansion in both awareness and connection to the rest of our Universe. But in 2011, the beings who originally decided to have the ‘power over others’ game of separation, pushed through a vote which was decisive by a specific group of light~workers, believing we’d violate ‘free will’ if we ‘forced’ everyone to step into our knowing power ✨

Now, our human collective is split into 2 different time~lines: (1) those continuing to live in duality, and (2) those actively engaged in creating a new earth ✨

Receiving the zen ordination of Bodhisattva 16 years ago, I got caught up in a light~workers trap, inevitably linked with such commitment. Bodhisattva’s are enlightened beings who, out of compassion, don’t go into nirvana (heaven) to save others. But what’s often misunderstood in such beliefs, are the many hidden aspects of: karma; ego gratification of being a saviour; lower frequency beings hijacking compassion; illusion of separation; participating in victim~aggressor cycles; the belief nirvana can only be achieved through pain and suffering, making us ‘better people’ ✨

Oneness can't be reached by light~workers stuck in righteousness and passive aggressiveness believing Light is better than Darkness. Only when we’re as playful with our own Peace, as we’re compassionate with the War of others, we’re free. Present in Love ✨

Millions of people today experience pain of separation, as our loved ones and other light~workers are choosing to live in fear of the plandemic, instead of awakened sovereignty. I know it’s very difficult to let go of those we love, but we must. Our higher selves know better which side of the split we’re on. Trying to convince anyone will only break us further and faster apart ✨

Let it Be ✨

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