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Black Diamond Tantra® in Egypt

Get ready for my Black Diamond Tantra® workshop in Egypt on September 27/28th 2021 ✨

Right now on Earth, we're called to work with the teachings of the black diamonds, crystals and gems, because these energies are acting like a catalyst, an accelerator if you will, for our human collective. Offering a new tool of support, release, protection, healing and amplification, in assisting humanity to shift through the current massive transformations ✨ The Black Diamond Ray of Light is a dormant frequency within our body and our Earth. It’s a consciousness existing within our own perception, waiting for us to be activated till we reach a vibrational signature high enough to match the Diamond Ray to be able to access it ✨ Rays of colour correspond to streams of thought within the individual, and within our planetary body, as an entire vibrational field which makes up the energy matrix of that individual. The colour rays are living consciousness structures we can interface with, resulting in deep inspiration and creativity ✨ For those of us whose expansion reaches into frequency fields of Presence beyond our daily life perception, we communicate and merge with these colour rays which are personified as archetypes, deities, ascended masters, angels, guides, and animal totems ✨ Why black? ✨ Because the frequencies of black~light repel anything that isn't pure, while transforming anything that is distorted. The colour black stands for purity, stability, mystery, self~mastery, and pure awareness of absolute emptiness ✨ Why ‘Black Diamond Ray of Light’? ✨ The 'Black Diamond' frequency brings a different quality of purity within the shifts of our world, accelerating the process of shifting, healing and transforming humanity through a new container. We're coming from a place of density and manipulation, transmuting it into being able to receive the higher quotient of light coming in through our new planetary position in the galaxy and beyond ✨ Why HiRa? ✨ Hira means ‘diamond’ and ‘thunderbolt’ in Sanskrit, and both cut through ignorance with a direct, strong and invincible strike. The diamond is pure, indestructible and eternal. When we’re able to contain these intense forces within the Innate Innocence of our physical, emotional, mental and energy~bodies, when we can express our darkness through our Light, we’re free and energized to co~create heaven on Earth ✨ Hira is enchanted to be one of the holders of these new teachings, birthing the Black Diamond Tantra into our world through her inner liquid fire, space, water, air and earth. The Black Diamond Ray of Light dances through our human collective like a spacious, open temple, cutting through humanity’s visions and dreams till the very core of our being ✨ Why tantra? ✨ Tantra, in the way Hira channels it, stands for ‘in~the~body’ transformations, through the opening of our physical bodies and its channels, directly connecting to Source light. In the BLACK DIAMOND TANTRA© workshops we are experientially activating our Crystalline Diamond Light Body through activating our Diamond Light Codes ✨

Hira transmutes 2 decades of experiences in the ancient Egyptian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Tibetan practices, merging them into one easy to follow practice where we gracefully focus on accessible techniques of pranic breathing and cellular enlightenment, guided by our own awareness through visualization and inner body~movements.

Even though mixed groups are more than welcome, this form of tantra works only through the form of mono~cultivation. We do not work with duo~cultivation, which means that we’re open to committed couples joining together, or singles, as you wish, but our focus is mainly on going deeper into exploring our own inner landscape through journeys of self~discovery and harnessing blissful flow ✨

In a safe, respectful and protected space, we will carefully move the prana through the different channels in the body, connecting it all in a collective flow for the benefit of our own individual health, freedom and happiness, and for the benefit of all ✨ Black Diamond Tantra events by HiRa: check it out now

Art created in complete open free flow by the High Priestess Alessandra Sodi, I can highly recommend her work 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥


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