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Awareness is a pure medicine

Awareness is a pure medicine. It’s original, radical, revolutionary and overflowing with unconditional generosity. It can and will never harm ourselves or anyone in any way, even though our conceptual mind believes it will take away everything we’re so effort~fully holding onto. In fact, awareness will always protect us, even in the most desperate or painful moments in life 💫

When we need comfort, awareness offers genuine warmth. When we need hope, awareness offers fearless knowing. When we need clarity, awareness offers silent light. When we need help, awareness offers empty bliss. When we need love and abundance, awareness offers pure insights, richness and healings much softer than silk. Instead of burning our life down to the ground through the passionate fires of willpower, the flames of awareness have a cool, compassionate and smooth texture, like cold, liquid fire without smoke 💫

It takes confident courage to allow awareness to lead our lives, as it ruthlessly mirrors the millions of ways in which we keep loosing ourselves every day, through our endless thoughts, feelings and emotions. Only when the veils of illusion truly fall away, can we perceive, receive and enjoy glimpses of reality as it is, while our true face becomes visible in the most delicate and innocent display of divine being~ness 💫

Profoundly detached awareness grows from within and is never the result of any growth or expansion in consciousness or intelligence, neither coming from a type of action or effort in making things happen. By allowing all agitations to settle within the deepest oceans of the core of our being, we face the truth and realize our practice is never about us. We remember we’re all just a witness, eternally silent, aware, and unchanged 💫

We become open channels of spacious awareness ~ clean, clear, alive and forever young, and from this arising awareness true wisdom is born, cutting the root of all ignorance. Not out of moral disciplines, practices, skills or methods, but by being vividly alert like a fresh, unpredictable response to life, and where awareness makes everything we do to be simply good, beautiful and right 💫


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