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Attachment Wounds

To become aware of our true self is to host countless moments of ego death with loving compassion. Our old identities die when we deeply know that we are never who we think we are. When we are open awareness, instantly manifesting our infinite potential ✨ For example, when we miss someone. What I’m truly missing is not this person, it’s how I see and feel about myself when this person is in my field of awareness. We can see these dynamics more closely in our intimate relationships, where we’re more open, vulnerable and insecure. If we believe we can’t live without this person, this is not true love, it’s an activation of our deep attachment wounds wrongly translated as a type of love ✨ Attachment wounds get triggered when we think we love someone, but it’s not reciprocal, or when we abandon ourselves, giving ourselves away to win love. Or when we get attracted to emotionally unavailable, avoidant or dangerous people, secretly already knowing that these people are not good for us ✨ Before I met my husband, I had the tendency to be intensely attracted to someone only if I knew it meant trouble. Strange dynamics, right? Now I know, that once we start to violate our own natural boundaries as a child, when we become without limits, we move into a danger zone ✨ Ripening in our own inner landscape, we know that it’s okay to have sexual urges, that it’s normal and important, that humans are sexual beings. It’s only when our sexual urges become compulsory, unconsciously dictating our behavior to follow temptations and addictions, that we become dangerous to ourselves and to the world. That’s when we loose our life force into mindless, harmful and energy wasting distractions ✨ Balancing the play of our intimate and emotional connections in a golden, long term relationship, is all about embracing our inner fields of tension, built up between our sexual urges on one hand and sexually compulsive behavior on the other, while gaining inner maturity by setting strict and voluntary boundaries for ourselves and for the others ✨ Feel free to book an online private ascension session to explore all this further, or join us in my upcoming events at


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