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You are safe feeling an emotion

One of the core qualities of ascension is flexibility, as we shift into a blended focus of the subtle and physical realms. This focus accompanies a physical shift: the cellular structure of our body must flow to the higher frequency of interaction ✨

To accommodate this physical shift, the subtle bridge of our mental and emotional focus must change into a more fluid openness. Rather than rigid dependence, it’s about balancing our factual observance with intuitive potentials ✨

Freedom is an internal state of being. We can train ourselves in our behaviour to let go of unhealthy control in an opening to the natural flow of Life. Jesus spoke of this as “the peace that passes all understanding” ✨

As we face our fears and move past them, we create a new safety in our understanding of life. We become more open to new experiences, more patient with timing, more loving. It’s an evolved state of being. It begins within ✨

Now that the trauma timelines in our world are collapsing, we begin to pick up the broken pieces of our soul and find that many of us have lived through stressful emotional environments as children. We’ve developed life~long coping mechanisms to manage past trauma, from which the list of causes is endless ✨

In general, our societies have developed to create a constant stress of survival, competition, and fear. There’s a foundational pattern of domination/suppression that expresses in varying degrees throughout the world, which keeps us from our internal power ✨

Before we’re able to feel safe, strong, capable and free, we have to recognize our trauma within ourselves. Our body and soul have a natural mechanism of splitting up, when one is not strong enough to deal with the truth, so it’s very important to honour our own pace ✨

We begin by looking inwards by asking « Why am I feeling this way? » and then « Who is feeling this way? » ✨

In the beginning these response mechanisms may feel as if they apply to something outside of us, like societal norms, but as we dig deeper, we find that this process of observing is opening us up to allow healing and resolution to all the different identities related to our traumas ✨


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