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Why are we Alive?

Our reason to be alive today, is as varied as there are people on this planet, but the core reason has to do with our decision to be born on Earth at this time, to wake ourselves up, to educate and empower ourselves, to decide to embody the new paradigm and to step out into society to live, feed and co~create high~frequency experiences with others ☀️

We’re in a transition time on our planet and therefore our own transformations to embody the new paradigm (full~time!) is still limited by low~frequency self~expressions of fear, anger, desire and ignorance. But our intent and our decision to experience and create a higher awareness, higher frequency, and broader experience of life is solid, committed and stable ☀️

Our physical bodies have gone though hell and back when it comes to negative experiences & programming in the past few thousands of years, we’ve had lifetime after lifetime of physical body hurt, abuse and destruction. And now, even if we’re sitting comfortably in our homes, our bodies are subjected to visuals of physical violence and the disrespect and torture of other physical bodies via television shows, the news and computer games ☀️

Our bodies can’t really tell the difference between a ‘fantasy’ or a real event, so when we feel fear, sadness or a rush of adrenaline during these visuals, that’s our body not knowing it’s ‘not real’ ☀️

Let’s give our physical body a break from physical, mental and emotional violence, let’s rest together, let’s embody and manifest expansive, high~frequency experiences NOW ☀️


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