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Who Inside You Is Yearning For Truth?

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you” 🌙 When energy is not expressed freely, it comes out sideways ~ in destructive, disturbing, and harmful patterns that bring us out of our true power and light. Often, this sideways expression is mistaken for its true nature 🌙 I’m calling in all Goddesses to experience the Womb Bliss we’re naturally born for. When women unplug their sexual energy from the false womb grids, we awaken to our true power, directly connected to the primal Source of Creation, instantly manifesting the new worlds now wishing to be dream~birthed through us. Let’s connect Life back to the True Love Living within All That Is 🌙 Our physical bodies are created to embody bliss, our true nature, and to express our innermost secrets. No excuses. No apologies. We don’t need permission to Be our true selves 🌙 During this WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT MASTERCLASS (1) we’ll dive deeper into the gifts and shadow aspects of both the Light and Dark Goddesses, and Initiate these forces within us by first cutting from the false womb grids through a 'Womb Ceremony' and 'Declaration of Womb Sovereignty', guiding ourselves back into a more liberated space of Womb Awakening and Rebirth 🌙 We’ll journey into our body to face our core wounds, those blockages standing in our way to realize our infinite potential, fulfilment, abundance, health and happiness. We’ll finish with activating Clear light and Diamond light~codes from our Womb~Heart~Third Eye connection 🌙 Start the womb journey NOW through genuine self~reflection on the WHY: what brings you to your womb? What are your intentions, your needs, your wounds? What inside of you is awakening, or already awakened? Who inside you is yearning for truth? The more clear we are about these topics, the more we’ll get out of this Masterclass 🌙 Join our WOMB ENLIGHTENMENT MASTERCLASS (1) now 🌙 You can still get the replay of this MasterClass here: 🌙 Once purchased, the replays are available without time limit 🌙 Welcome As You Are 🌙☀️🌙


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