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Who am I?

Viewing the Nile flowing while I’m resting and working here in Cairo helps me to connect to the most direct experiences of awakening I’ve explored ✨

I went through one of the most profound weekends of my life, where I was guided into a readiness, maturity and willingness to face the deep hidden grief in my heart, while holding myself in an open space of self~compassion and kindness. Heart~broken about being able to travel infinite dimensions and worlds to meet and celebrate life, and yet, to be limited to one physical body living a human life ✨

Today, I realize once again that no matter what ancient wisdom teachings I’ve had the great honor to study, enjoy and apply, it seems to always come down to the same thing ✨

How deep can I let go into self~inquiry and self~surrender? ✨

Who am I? ✨

Billions of people referring to the ‘I’ as ‘me’, yet this ‘I’ is the same for everyone, a separation from truth, an idea of who we think we are, seemingly living in an outside world. A virtual person, projected on an inner and outer screen ✨

But we are the screen, the projector and the projection! ✨

We can and will be experienced as one self only when we tune into what’s real, when we surrender any and all ideas and viewpoints of who we think we are into the divine oneness we truly are ✨

How many times a day and night do we fall into believing there’s an ‘I’ in a body? Having feelings, emotions, thoughts? ✨

Some moments, yes, those moments, when ‘I’ experience a glimpse of complete absorption of who I believe to be, my identity, into the supreme and unchanging real, the inner bliss created from the surrendering is all~encompassing and beyond anything I’ll ever know ✨

This is why I’m here, this deepest desire urging the universe forth from the source of our core essence, a pure innocent calling ✨ I wish those who come to me and those who don’t to experience Source, as it is ✨


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