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What is Innocence?

Innocence is our creative spirit of play, a powerful subtle sense arising from the depths of our true nature within. Innocence guides us in a sacred inner dance, where the energies of destruction and creation are delicately balanced in wholeness ❤️

When we release all judgements and understandings about the nature of reality, innocence not only becomes a force we can guide and direct, revitalizing or calming the energy within us, the innocence itself becomes our powerful guide into the original source of emptiness where all life comes from. It continuously flows in the background of our being as silent awareness, touching all~that~is through time and space ❤️

Our innocence knows the all~pervasive totality of our divinity, beyond all reasoning and qualifications for it. Our power of innocence is a strong subtle force of unconditional love, directly creating change, not by action or doing, but simply by being, divine knowing, equally graceful as any active force can be. It’s the being and connection that lives within us. Life. The infinite, timeless connected force. The vacuum of space, mysteriously birthing new realities through invisible means ❤️

By allowing all that is arising, we increase our embodiment of living wisdom to inform our forever present now, not only for ourselves, our Earth and our human collective, but as a pure manifestation for the liberation of all beings. It can never be a practice or a forced doing, not even within the setting of our purest intentions and open hearts, it can only be lived through being, which by its nature, is the passive force that once it touches active, everything is changed, naturally and without effort ❤️

The innocence to believe is the connective bridge of neutrality that is willing to be the contradiction, to be true or not true. Neutrality is both positively and negatively charged, being all~that~is, where our true power is innocent potential, and being neutral becomes the only option of truth. We cannot just think or feel, direct or release it, we can only be the truth of who we are in this now moment ❤️

Destruction or creation? Only the innocent directly know through open and vulnerable heart~visions ❤️

PS This text is inspired by this months sharing of Light Language of my teacher Jamye Price:


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