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What does the human collective need right now?

I stop running, directly facing rejection, fear and pain with an open heart, giving space to the subtle realms, our inner world, to birth new realities, containing the totality of life ~ the infinite ✨ If we bring focus on the destructive parts of the crumbing timelines and realities, we repeat and reinforce it, but without denying it, we embrace ‘what is’ and demonstrate our deep core intentions and decisions in our constant choices of Love: « What does the human collective need right now? What’s my timeline choice in this moment? » We create peace, ease and harmony by feeding the high frequency realities only and take action in unwavering focus as complete conduits. Opening our hearts, breath and bodies for the free~flow of divine will, we tame, purify and perfect our human ego on individual as well as collective dimensions ✨ The old constructs now fall away and embodiers like myself are feeling the frequencies of ultra~light streaming into our planet through augmented solar flares and inner earth activations, unifying different states of being by the high frequency parts of our human collective, now offering a very profound feeling of leaving the physical realms without dropping the body ✨ There’s still many control, fear and oppression mechanisms at play, yet we choose to focus only on authenticity, integrity and mastery. The sharing and expansion of our highest, most refined skills aligning as One ✨ We’re beginning to experience self~realization as a collective, which is not only space, light and bliss: it’s a calm, cool flame, guiding us to stay in the eye of the storm, in zero judgment. We feel everything, but we’re able to maintain a broader, deeper and more intense perspective of pure being. Knowing we’re divine Presence: the universe within a human body ✨ Everything our souls ever co~created, let’s just drop it for a moment and allow it all to collapse in silent Stillness. From this zero~point of Creation, we call forth brand new timelines of kind, divine love. New Source connections, manifesting who we truly are for the benefit of all ✨

PS Meet my first ever Mandala in the making HERE BELOW: « Love is stronger than pride » with @ela_mandalista


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