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We’re not sick

The energies streaming to Earth continue to increase in intensity and this is not always easy. Especially not for our physical and emotional bodies. One of the ways to deal with the current massive changes is to allow it all to be. In doing or ‘non~doing’ so, we’re strengthening our primal and most important connection with Source ✨

The intense light~rays now coming to our planet are hitting our physical densities on so many levels and layers, that much of these energies become blocked in its transmission, which often causes the physical body to ache, to feel toxic, and sometimes heavy with inflammation. Or we just feel extremely exhausted ✨

We’re not sick, we’re transmuting karmic toxicity from our bodies and energy fields through the deep outer and inner Fires of transformation. The Feminine Awakener in our human collective is rising, and she’s purifying, blazing, all which no longer serves humanity ✨

If we wish more of our true human DNA capacity to be activated in order to express our full potential, the physical body must be ready. It’s important to know that it’s not karmic toxicity that’s blocking the current upgraded energy transmissions, it’s the limited capacity of our physical body to be able to transform fast enough to handle these ultra~frequencies coming in ✨

For the past several years our bodies have been adapting and recalibrating, and now it’s time for our true Human Avatar selves to be called into being. The deep purification of our soul, mind and body continues to open within ourselves, which creates a divine flow of Grace guiding us to new levels of experiences in a much wider range and exponential expansion ✨


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