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We die to each other every night

Every night we go into different states of consciousness and dimensions giving us healing, growth and awakening opportunities. Every morning we start new. No matter where you thought you were yesterday, today it can all be completely different. Every moment is filled with infinite possibilities ✨

What we think we know of ourselves and other people is only our memory of the past. We have all changed since then. To pretend that we are the same is a non~sense ✨

Every morning I set my intentions. I pray the universe to be an absolute instrument of divine love, to be serving the highest new earth timelines possible. To be love in every moment ✨

Obviously there’s many moments during the day I’m taken into old habits of duality consciousness through my body, speech and mind. But every day, little by little, every night, I’m changing into the best version of myself I can be ✨

So. Be. It ✨


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