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We Are the Original Architects of this Reality

We are the original architects of this reality, more accessible now than ever before through the possibilities of our current expanded awareness, manifesting through working together with our ascended Earth, our high frequency human collective, allies, communities and guides, and by living fully integrated in~the~body. This is where the magic of Creation happens ✨

Riding a bike yesterday here in Amsterdam, feeling perfectly in place, I realized deeply again that those who are incarnated in a physical body on our planet today, we have the greatest power to decide in what directions our collective moves. Yet so many of us are willingly closing our eyes, even the awakened ones! ✨

I’m clearly here to co~pilot this mothership 🌍 She’s always been happy to summon me to take the steering wheels sometimes, and I don’t mind driving our human collective to its highest trajectory, into ease, grace and unity, it’s truly a pleasure. But I’ve decided to no longer be distracted by any form or shape of duality, including any distractions offered by those I love and honor the most ✨

When we uncover our self~imposed limitations and meet these filters with a huge dose of self~compassion, then love transforms into true freedom. When we realize that our fire~walls are just here to protect us and keep us safe, we can see, allow and embrace our limitations and let them breath, remembering who we truly are to fulfill our purposes ✨

It’s amazing how many of us keep hiding in our imaginary protective shells 🐚 despite of the fact that our deeper awareness knows that we’re not here to please the others, but to discover what we enjoy the most. And wether our current established societies like it or not, I believe our Hearts simply wish to sing, dance and play ✨

Observing what’s blocking our Heart to breath, without self~judgement, we gain access to more enlightened perspectives, offering a deep openness to ourselves and to Life. It’s this sacred openness that grants us access to the great, ancient wisdoms, guiding us into life experiences that can match and reflect our heart’s deepest resonance. Connecting us with gentle love, playful compassion and eternal freedom to Be Human ✨

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